By LeeWEpstein

December 7, 2018

CBD  can help animals as much as it does humans, and horses are no exception.

Horses tend to suffer from joint and muscle aches and pains. CBD can be the solution to all these problems.

       Here are the most common health conditions:

Arthritis: is the result of irregular weight distribution – more of their body weight is in the front, putting more pressure on their hind feet, and making them more vulnerable to injuries, sprains, and fractures.

 laminitis: which causes a lot of pain, and potentially disability or even death of the horse.

Desmitis: is caused by inflammation of the horse’s ligaments, typically in the legs and coffin joint.

Muscle Soreness: Horses suffer muscle pain and strain, especially after exercise.

           CBD oil benefits :

  •  ease pain and discomfort associated with inflammation
  • promote mobility
  • reduce inflammation

 CBD oil works for both horses and humans, be sure to discover the potential of CBD in the relief of pain in humans. It reduces inflammation, which is almost the root cause of pain. It also helps to soften nerve endings, which can also be a source of pain.

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