By LeeWEpstein

February 18, 2020


Different metabolism of phytocannabinoids

As all cannabis users who have had this experience know, the ingestion of an edible product made from cannabis has a more powerful and lasting effect than smoking a joint. In fact when we ingest an “edible” (cannabis food product), THC metabolized through the liver, which converts it into 11-hydroxy-THC. This is an active metabolite, which is particularly effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier and produces a more intense effect.

THC inhaled in the form of smoke leads to a different metabolization process. Because instead of passing through 2 intermediate organs, the stomach and then the liver. The THC directed directly to the brain. This finally allows us to understand why the effects of cannabis are more immediate when smoked, and why they also last less time.

A necessary caution

When we consume cannabis food products, it is essential to exercise a certain degree of caution. We recommend ingesting one “edible” per small dose. As the effects can begin between 30 minutes and 2 hours after taking it and can last for several hours.

This is why the intensity of the effects also varies logically according to the dosage. It is really necessary to be patient between each dose (45mn/1h on average). Otherwise, you risk living an unpleasant experience. Whereas ingestion of a more moderate quantity will bring you an experience like pleasant sensations.

The “edibles” produce a high intensity of effects, whereas, in reality, the concentration of cannabinoids is lower in the bloodstream.

Ingestion of cannabis edibles limits the absorption of THC and other cannabinoids into the blood plasma by about 10-20%. While inhaled cannabis can absorb 50-60% of the latter.

When smoking cannabis, the effects peak after 10-15 minutes and tend to diminish over the next 30-60 minutes. So the metabolism is much faster.

The key is the right dosage

Defining the correct THC content of a good quality “edible” is certainly the most difficult thing to determine. Don’t think it’s a small matter even for a professional. As they also have some difficulty in establishing their recipes accurately. Or in knowing the exact cannabinoid content of their products.

The main problem is that often the consumer is impatient for the effects to arrive, which occur later . And so they rush to take it again. This then causes the effects to show a high intensity and converts the experience into a highly unpleasant and uncomfortable moment.

It is important to admit that the effects are deceptive . Because for regular cannabis smokers, the effects become noticeable immediately. So it is necessary to accustom oneself to using cannabis by ingestion.

For example, 10 mg of THC considered a “standard” dose, which produces fairly mild effects. Whereas an edible product of 70-80 mg will produce very powerful effects, it is, therefore, necessary to divide this “edible” into several small doses and to take them carefully spaced over time.

High doses should not cause lethal consequences for the consumer, however, it is less certain that you will repeat a similar experience, as you will strongly remember the “bad trip” and it will give you a life lesson for the rest of your life. While patience and responsible use will allow you to have a wonderful and entertaining time.

Variation in the content of active ingredients in the same product

At the beginning of the wave of progressive legalization that has taken place in recent years in the USA, we have seen a fairly large number of cases of accidents or intoxications due to overdose in the various food products available on the market. This subsequently led to a major revision and lowering of the dosage of active ingredients (THC) in the various “edibles” available.

It is necessary to always be cautious. one that you regularly consume, as variations may occur from batch to batch.

Thanks to the stricter regulations in force that have been established by legal institutions more recently, at the level of the maximum THC content, this phenomenon tends to be significantly reduced positively. More caution is needed in emerging markets, where damage may occur due to a lack of knowledge or experience.

The “edibles”: an ideal smokeless way to consume cannabis

Many people wish to take advantage of the many virtues offered by the cannabis plant by consuming cannabis food products.

Edibles’ are therefore logically a wonderful option for them, as they do not want to be confronted with the harmful consequences of smoking. Although vaporization is often recommended as an inhalation method because it is less toxic than smoking, edibles are the “healthiest” products for any type of user.

The great advantage of this mode of consumption is that there is a very wide variety of food products infused with cannabis, such as pastries, cookies, drinks, sweets as well as a wide variety of savory dishes, there is something for everyone. With a bit of experience, you can even concoct delicious dishes according to your desires.

The most important thing is, as you will have understood, to always be careful and to make preparations or recipes that will allow you to share pleasant and unforgettable experiences by acting responsibly.

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