By LeeWEpstein

May 29, 2018


For hundreds of years, hemp seeds have been used worldwide for their health benefits.

They are the most nutritious seeds on the planet. Rich in proteins, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes, they contribute to optimal health and well-being.

Hemp seeds can be peeled (released from their outer shell) and consumed raw, cold-pressed to make oil, or sprayed into a protein powder for shaken drinks. These products are 100% vegetable, natural and organic.

     Hemp food is good for everyone

Anyone can consume hemp food products. Not only are they delicious, but they are also a great food supplement. Our protein-rich hemp foods are an excellent supplement for vegetarians and vegans, as well as for people with an active lifestyle.

They are easy to digest, contain no additives and are particularly suitable for people on special diets or those who are intolerant to nuts, gluten, lactose, sugar or processed foods. No allergy to hemp is currently known. 

     Hemp has all the qualities

The benefits of hemp food are countless. These wonderful seeds regulate hormones, nourish skin and hair, soothe inflammation, reduce fatigue, slow down aging and cleanse the colon. Hemp-based foods are overflowing with omega 3, antioxidants, iron, protein and fiber.

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