By LeeWEpstein

July 14, 2020


While CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is gaining popularity, top athletes are increasingly using it in both professional and personal settings. What is the reason for this craze for this substance derived from the cannabis plant? What are the real effects for the athlete? Let’s take a look at these questions.

Benefits of the CBD in the context of sport

There are many benefits of CBD in the context of sports practice. For example, in the United States, it is a substance recommended to athletes in case of chronic pain. One of the main advantages for the sportsman is that CBD contributes to cell regeneration, in other words, it delays the aging of cells. Concretely, this allows the organism to remain younger, active, and dynamic by eliminating free radicals more quickly.

Among other interesting benefits, CBD helps to reduce the feeling of stress, nausea, or vomiting, which is ideal for better emotional management. Since great athletes are generally faced with major challenges, they must be in full possession of their abilities before they begin to compete.

When celebrities get into it

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to show off their CBD-based beauty routine by sharing their Instagram stories. Same thing with sports the first ambassadors of care and maintenance products. It is especially in the world of basketball, cycling, and football that CBD is highly recommended: team sports and individual sports are therefore concerned. Indeed, CBD has psychoactive properties, which have a positive effect on the mind: this is what top sportsmen and women are looking for, to perform well on their own or in a team.

Beyond the immediate benefits to the body, mind, and spirit of athletes, CBD is also an ideal beauty routine for clean skin, which is often an additional source of income for athletes doing commercials.

So CBD has all the benefits, but not only.

Athletes and performance

Contrary to what one might think, CBD is not an illegal substance, quite the contrary. While cannabis in the recreational sense (i.e., that which is smoked) contains large doses of THC, the hallucinogenic cell, CBD does not contain any. This is why it is perfectly legal to buy and consume CBD: it is then not difficult for sportsmen and women to become ambassadors of this type of product, after being consumers of it.

The other advantage of CBD is that it can be consumed as a dietary supplement: with a more than regulated diet and a plate regulated to the nearest gram, the athlete can, at leisure, consume capsules containing CBD to act on his intestinal transit or his temporary tiredness, without feeling the slightest side effect.

Finally, the daily use of CBD allows boosting the performance of the athlete without disturbing his usual rhythm, the guarantor of his sporting success.

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