By LeeWEpstein

January 7, 2020


Among the known Phyto cannabinoids of hemp, cannabicyclol (CBL) is among the least studied, but probably not the least interesting.

Although it is present in many varieties of cannabis, its concentration in the trichomes is generally low. Only a few studies have been conducted on the possible therapeutic effects of CBL, the results of which have shown that it has little biological activity. Nevertheless, CBL has an interesting and unique chemical structure and synthesis, on which most studies have focused so far, rather than on its therapeutic applications.

What’s interesting about CBL?

CBL is a non-psychotropic Phyto cannabinoid that appears during the degradation of another cannabinoid, cannabichromene (CBC). Just as THC degrades to CBN, CBC degrades to CBL when exposed to light or heat. One study showed that old samples of cannabis from China, almost 5,000 years old, contained high concentrations of CBL and CBN, evidence of the presence of both BCC and THC.

Cannabicyclol was first discovered in 1964. Cannabicyclol is unique because of the arrangement of its atoms and the absence of double bonds. The brain effects result from the presence of double bonds found mainly in THC. Because cannabicyclol does not have double bonds, it does not cause these psychoactive effects in the same way that CBD does.

Therapeutic effects of CBL

As cannabicyclol is produced in very small amounts in cannabis, very little research exists on this compound. However, studies conducted by Steep Hill Labs have revealed the anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory potential of cannabicyclol. It is resistant to decarboxylation, which means that it is heat resistant and does not easily convert CBC to CBL. Also, research has shown that it can regulate muscle contractions and also affect reproduction. However, information about this is scarce and further research is needed to find out more.

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