By LeeWEpstein

April 6, 2020


THC strips allow for precise dosing and higher absorption than almost any other cannabis product. What exactly are THC strips and what are they used for? Read on to find out.
Sublingual strips are now part of the long list of innovative cannabis products, and they may well become the most reliable, fast and accurate way to deliver a pure dose of THC or CBD. As one of the most discreet cannabis derivatives, cannabis strips are of great interest to medical cannabis patients, busy users, don’t smoke, vaporize or simply have no room to store their weed! A good dose of cannabinoids is contained in a small, elegant package that works like a sublingual tincture, but with greater ease of use and control overdosage.

A question of bioavailability

Simply take a small strip of paper out of its box, put it under your tongue and wait a few minutes to get the desired effect. That’s all you have to do. Cannabis strips work by releasing your favorite cannabinoid mixture into the oral mucosa, which is a highly absorbent membrane that forms the elastic skin wall in our mouth and under the tongue. Sublingual drug delivery has long been used because of the high permeability of the mucosal tissue. Sublingual strips are simply small pieces of edible material that dissolve when they come into contact with liquids, such as saliva.

This carrier material can be infused with THC, CBD, flavorings and other substances, which ensures greater bioavailability than edible cannabis-based materials, because here the cannabinoids are absorbed directly through the oral mucosa and pass into the bloodstream, rather than into the liver.

A helpful patients and recreational users option

The characteristics of these dissoluble bands may be particularly convenient for people taking THC or CBD for medical purposes who wish to take a precise dose of cannabinoids anytime, anywhere. Also, because of the high bioavailability mentioned above, the effects of these bands are as rapid and potent as those of tobacco or vaporization, and more consistent than those of edible drugs. Moreover, this method of ingestion avoids combustion, the form of consumption considered the most harmful to health.

However, cannabis gangs are not only designed to meet the needs of patients. This fast and discreet cannabis product, which requires no additional tools, is one of the few that you can easily carry in your pocket, so the manufacturers hope that the THC strips can be enjoyed by young adults who want to enjoy cannabis in an innovative, healthier and discrete form.

What types of sublingual strips exist?

THC and CBD bands are designed to produce a range of different experiences. Like flower varieties, there is a wide variety of indica, sativa, hybrid, THC only, and CBD only strips. Not to mention the possible added flavors. They are offered in different doses per band, most of them being vegan and sugar-free. They are made from natural gums, plant extracts, and microencapsulated cannabinoids, as well as other specialized and expensive ingredients that make the production process quite complex and difficult to reproduce at home.

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