By LeeWEpstein

March 18, 2020

Rinsing with water removes impurities and can make your weed much softer and more pleasant. Knowing this, you might be interested to know that you can apply the same principle to the curing of your heads – with water curing .

Much has been written about the “ripening” of the grass once harvested. Careful drying on shelves, in special machines, with or without the leaves, etc. But have you ever heard of “water treatment”? It is a concept that at first seems strange: immerse your heads in water for 3-7 days, change the water every day and then dry them in one or two days. Strange? Not at all!

water curing

If you are experienced in growing cannabis, you already know how water can be beneficial to get the best out of our crops. Growers know how rinsing the plants with water in the weeks before harvest can help get rid of a harsh taste. Rinsing with water removes impurities and can make your weed much softer and more pleasant.
Water curing minimizes the time it takes to get rid of unwanted substances such as salts, chlorophyll or insecticides. These substances can give rough and unpleasant smoke even to the best cannabis.

Thanks to the principle of osmosis (which allows soluble substances to spread evenly throughout the solution, through semi-permeable membranes, in this case, the leaf surface), the substances you don’t want to smoke are dissolved. This includes substances outside the plant, but also inside the leaves, which make you cough when you smoke. THC is not soluble in water. The result is a much stronger, purer herb.

Advantages & disadvantages of water curing

Water curing cannabis with clean water has advantages and disadvantages that you should know before you start.

It is the fastest method of curing your heads compared to the traditional method of cannabis curing. Water curing removes a lot of unwanted solids, which means that the smoke will be very soft and therefore healthier. As water curing removes more unwanted substances, the finished product will be more powerful.

The disadvantage of water curing, on the one hand, is removing flavor and aromatic compounds, whereby you lose part of the smell and taste of your herb in order to get more potency. On the other hand, water curing may be ideal for those varieties known for their not so pleasant or rather harsh taste, in which case the loss of flavor would not be so great.

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