By LeeWEpstein

October 23, 2019


“Dangers of vaping”, “Is vaping dangerous? “Is Vapoter dangerous? “. Following the epidemic of pneumopathies in the United States, the mainstream media would almost forget that the cigarette makes 80,000 deaths per year in the US. But above all, they are wrong about the subject. 

What is happening in the United States?

 Hundreds of cases of pneumonia, causing at least twelve deaths, have appeared since the end of August in the United States. Cannabis was first blamed. But anyone sensible and/or involved with this product knows that cannabis alone has nothing to do with it. On the other hand, everything around, potentially.

And this is the complexity of the situation: a single product could not be suspicious as the cause of these diseases. The common denominators are, in the majority of cases, THC cartridges bought on the black market. Not all of them meet this criterion: we have also seen synthetic CBD or liquids without cannabinoids. 3 officials in question, without one being present in all cases:

  • a solvent used to thin the THC oil, especially vitamin E acetate
  • synthetic cannabinoids
  • heavy metals released during the temperature rise of cartridges too cheap 

The success of the vape pen in the United States is in 3 points: discretion, practice to microdose, no combustion.

Is the electronic cigarette dangerous?

While a youth smoking crisis with high-dose nicotine e-cigarettes is raging in the United States at the same time, the debate has subtly shifted illegal and adulterated cannabis-based products to e-cigarettes. one of the main ways to reduce the risk for smokers who use nicotine. 

Is it legitimate? 

 If electronic cigarettes and vape pens sometimes share the same operation, the products to consume through them are quite different.

THC cartridges are composed of THC oil (usually distillate or Clear ), terpenes (often natural and fruit-derived, rarely cannabis, but sometimes synthetic) and sometimes a fluidifies to bind the all. The cartridges are screwed on the battery of the vape pen and are not rechargeable.

Is the electronic cigarette safe?

 Perhaps not, the scientific consensus is not made on the total safety of the PG / VG mixture. Did she cause these lung diseases in the United States? Absolutely not. Should we go back to burning? It’s up to you to choose (one in two smokers dies of smoking)

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