By LeeWEpstein

March 20, 2019


Whether sensational, serious or academic, there are nowadays hundreds, even thousands of books on cannabis. Even for the most experienced readers, it can be difficult to assess the quality of publications before purchasing them. We, therefore, provide you with a shortlist of books that have been recommended on medicinal cannabis.

Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis

In 1997, members of the influential British health professionals’ union, the British Medical Association (BMA), passed a motion stating that “certain other cannabinoids must be legalized to allow wider therapeutic use”. 

Also,the report describes the potential therapeutic uses of cannabis clearly and comprehensively, with particular reference to several diseases and conditions for which cannabis use is effective. 

Marijuana Medical Handbook: Practical Guide to Therapeutic Uses of Marijuana

This excellent source of information is useful for patients with little knowledge of the properties of cannabis and it is useful to present the ins and outs of therapeutic cannabis concisely and understandably. In addition to reviewing the scientific research on which our current understanding of medicinal cannabis is based, the Medical Marijuana Handbook also provides practical advice and suggestions on how best to use it, including advice on how to control dosage, how to cook cannabis and how to compensate for the effects of excessive use or to remedy rare side reactions. 

Understanding Marijuana

Basically,this book provides a rigorous and thorough assessment of the contemporary scientific evidence gathered in the years preceding this publication. Although some sections may need an update (in the last 12 years, cannabis research has progressed considerably), the overall content is extremely reliable and very easy to read, even for those who do not have formal scientific knowledge. 

Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and Visionary Powers of Cannabis

In fact, Christian Ratsch excellent book on the cultural and traditional medicinal practices of cannabis is fascinating and informative.

Besides,this epic volume provides an exhaustive description of the historical, traditional and cultural use of medicinal cannabis around the world; a must-read if you are a student or researcher interested in this aspect of cannabis 

Marihuana: The forbidden Medicine

 This essential treaty on therapeutic cannabis has been revised several times to preserve its relevance. Moreover ,it provides an in-depth discussion of the medicinal properties of cannabis and the reasons for its continued illegality in much of the world and describes the advantages and disadvantages of legalization in a measured, clear and precise manner. It also presents the views of several patients regarding the subjective efficacy of cannabis. 

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