By LeeWEpstein

October 29, 2019


American researchers examined seven studies to examine a potential link between the use of medical cannabis to relieve chronic pain and the reduction of opiate use.

Presented at the American Society of Anesthesiologists Congress, October 19-23 in Orlando, USA. This meta-analysis suggests that the use of cannabis for pain relief could reduce the use of opiate . Which have been the subject of a serious health crisis in the United States since the 2000s.

To support this theory, scientists at Rush University Medical Center (Chicago, USA) reviewed seven studies on the subject. Five of them concluded that marijuana used for medical purposes could help reduce opioid overdoses by 29%. Also according to the results of these five studies. There was a reduction in opioid consumption in patients with chronic pain ranging from 44% to 64%. The other two studies, however, provided no evidence of an overall reduction in opioid use through medical cannabis.

These observations are encouraging to contain a crisis that is killing about 130 people a day in the United States, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, the scientists caution about the limitations of their work: “These studies were not controllable trials comparing marijuana to a placebo, which is what we need to determine a true benefit. Based on this principle, the researchers stress the need for more rigorous studies on the subject

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