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April 17, 2020


Buzz off kale and other spinach, cannabis is the new superfood! When you get to the root of the problem, cannabis is technically a vegetable, even if it is not often considered as such.

Most people are familiar with the effects of smoking, vaporizing, or using cannabis, but have you ever thought about using it raw? From a nutritional point of view, cannabis is extremely healthy. It is a leafy green vegetable loaded with protein, fiber, antioxidants, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. The leaves and fresh heads can be mixed in a smoothie with other fruits and vegetables, squeezed into fresh juices, or even eaten in a salad. The possibilities are endless and the health benefits are impressive.

Benefits of consuming raw cannabis

The use of cannabis fresh from the ground has a multitude of therapeutic benefits. First of all, the cannabinoid acids THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), which turn into THC and CBD when heated, remain as they are.

CBDA has anti-inflammatory properties, acts as an antibacterial and is linked to the reduction of nausea and vomiting. Preclinical research indicates that THCA has the potential to protect against neurodegenerative diseases, treat epilepsy and muscle spasms, and relieve insomnia and pain.

Cannabis will also retain many more of its beneficial terpenes when not burned. In addition to producing the aroma and flavor profile, terpenes also have their medicinal properties. They are known for their antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer properties.

Like many other leafy vegetables, cannabis is full of fiber, protein, fatty acids, and iron. It can also give you a good daily dose of vitamin C for immune function, vitamin K for calcium absorption, calcium for strong bones, and folic acid for DNA repair. Do you have cannabis with purple leaves? If so, don’t forget to add some to your diet! It contains anthocyanin flavonoids, which act as antioxidants.

It should be noted that consuming raw cannabis will not get you high, as the THCA mentioned above has not been transformed into THC by decarboxylation. For some, you will give up, but for others, it may be beneficial. Be aware that THCA and CBDA do not have the same effects as THC and CBD. Both are being studied individually, with active THC and CBD currently considered to have greater therapeutic potential. However, this is not to say that raw cannabis has no benefits, especially when used as a healthy and beneficial dietary source.

We carry a set of cannabis strains called ACDC. “AC” stands for alternative cannabinoid, which is the CBD acid molecule, which has become very important as an anti-inflammatory in recent times. And “DC” stands for “dietary cannabis”. (…) If you heat it, your dose is then about 10 mg. And if you don’t heat it, if it is raw, then your dose is about 1,000 – 2,000 mg. – Dr. William Courtney, physician and promoter of the “raw greens” cannabis movement.

Methods of use

It is important to remember that you should use fresh cannabis plant leaves and buds when you eat them raw. Dried and matured buds will not work for raw cannabis consumption.

  • Smoothie: It is a good idea to mix some leaves/heads with other fruits and vegetables to dilute the bitter taste of the herb. Discover this easy and delicious recipe.
  • Fruit juices: the fresher the cannabis, the better the juice.
  • Salad: Chop a few leaves and mix them with other greens and dressing to make a delicious and healthy salad.
  • Hemp seeds: If you have access to hemp seeds, they can be eaten just like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or any other type of seeds you like to nibble on.
  • Cold-pressed hemp seed oil: use it as a substitute for olive oil.

Raw cannabis products are safe to eat every day. There are so many advantages that raw cannabis has to offer, that you just can’t get it any other way!

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