By LeeWEpstein

November 5, 2019


CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. It is now used by athletes and sports professionals to improve sporting performance or to treat pain. Present in different forms, CBD is used in different ways.

CBD and its therapeutic virtues

In the cannabis plant, there are several active substances. THC is best known for its stimulating effects, but CBD is becoming more popular, especially in therapeutic settings. Indeed, CBD is one of the active ingredients among the cannabinoids contained in the plant. It has no psychotropic side effects. It does not modify consciousness and is used in the therapeutic context.

CBD is known for its ability to reduce inflammation by helping muscles recover after exercise. It reduces pain following intense training sessions. In athletes, it improves the quality of sleep and makes it particularly effective for muscle recovery. It also relieves cramps, spasms and increases concentration during intense events or competitions. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, among other things.

The different ways to take CBD for athletes

There are many ways to take the CBD. This varies according to the effects desired by the athlete.

  1. In vaporizer

The first use consists of using a vaporizer to avoid the negative effects of combustion. When heated to a low temperature, cannabidiol does not release any carcinogens. Inhalation makes the effects faster, but they dissipate quickly.

  • CBD edibles and oil

The second use is to consume it as food or oil. These forms of CBD do not pose any risk to your health. Many more senior athletes are turning to this type of option. Oral consumption of CBD foods and oils reduces the number of cannabinoids absorbed by 10 to 20%. However, when CBD lands in the liver, the duration of the effects is doubled and more intense. As far as oil is concerned, it is consumed in drinks or products. Also, a few drops are enough to feel the positive effects of Cannabidiol.

  • Balm and ointment for skin application

The third use is to apply directly to the skin or lesions. Creams and ointments extracted from CBD are easier to apply. For athletes, this avoids substance screening tests. Balms and ointments are used to relieve pain such as muscle aches and pains or hematoma.

There are also healing lotions or painkillers. Their effect is not very powerful and disappears within a few hours, but it is enough to alleviate even the most unbearable pain. Besides, there are other products derived from cannabis used in sports.

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