By LeeWEpstein

May 1, 2020


The Crystalline is the latest craze in the hashish community, so much so that everyone wants to taste it. Demand is so strong that the price of Crystalline THC-A is soaring to $200 per gram in Southern California dispensaries.

It has been tested at 99.9% THC, which officially makes Crystalline the strongest hash on the market. Other concentrates such as rosin, ice hash, or BHO usually contain 50 to 80% THC.

Cannabis extracts are known for their different variations in texture and shape, from shatter to wax to crumble. What many concentrate lovers don’t know is that the texture is often a result of the solvent used to extract the concentrate and the method of purging the solvent from the final product. However, when THC is reduced to its purest form, it crystallizes, creating crystals that are very different from other concentrates.

The appearance of Crystalline does much for its popularity. Critics place great emphasis on its crystal-meth look. But let’s not judge a book by its cover. It’s not THC’s fault if it crystallizes. And its purest form may help many American patients with their illnesses.

Guild Extract, a company specializing in the extraction and located in Southern California, is the current leader in the production of Crystalline. The manufacturing recipe is kept secret, but Guild Extract claims to be able to make Crystalline THC-A from bases as diverse as CO2 or ice water hash extractions. They also do not use solvents to extract pure THC.

But what exactly is Crystalline THC-A?

Before the THC is heated, it is in its raw acid form, also known as THC-A. THC-A itself is completely inactive, which means that if you ingest it, you will not feel any psychoactive effects (but you may benefit from its therapeutic properties). When THC-A is activated by heat, in a process of decarboxylation, the carboxylic acid atom (the A in THC-A) disappears to make way for the THC to which we are more accustomed.

This very pure form of THC contains no terpenes, the chemical compounds that give cannabis strains their taste and smell and contribute to their medical effects. To overcome this lack of flavor, Guild Extracts has become famous for its ‘dip n dab’, which means dipping the crystalline concentrate into terpenes extracted from strains such as Goji OG, Tangie or Sherbert.

While the potential potency of Crystalline could be frightening, people who have tasted it report a very clean, stable, and inspiring high, and no potential trace of solvent.

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