By LeeWEpstein

April 1, 2019


According to a new study , the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic or recreational purposes is not associable with an increase in the number of road accident victims.

Andrew Young, a graduate student at Kansas State University, reviewed data on the 23-year average number of road fatalities . So, he used 2 models to assess the impact of cannabis reform on road safety.

“The legalization of cannabis is not a statistically significant factor in predicting mortality rates,” he concluded. This conclusion means that the legalization of medical cannabis is not associable with the number of deaths per 100,000 kilometers traveled.”



Andrew Young uses the double-difference method in order to compare mortality rates .The analysis cover 8 years of data . And start 5 years before cannabis legalization in each state .

To sum up,t there is no significant statistical relationship between cannabis legalization and fatal accidents.

In addition,the recent upward trend in national road death rates is not a result of cannabis legalization. In fact, the legalization of cannabis does not predict road accidents,” he wrote.

The main limitation of the study, concerns States where cannabis has been legalized for adult use. The small sample size, at least compared to medical cannabis, makes it possible that he was not able to “fully estimate the impact of recreational cannabis on road safety”.

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