By LeeWEpstein

November 26, 2019


We all got up once in a cranky mood because even the most joyful person can sometimes be a little grumpy in the morning when we wake up. But a recent scientific study would consider the possibility of boosting your self-esteem and improving a bad start to the day with… a little cannabis. 

This is what a study published in the August issue of Addictive Behaviors’ magazine and conducted by psychologist Maria Testa of the Institute for Clinical Addiction Research at the University of Buffalo (USA) would say, asking 183 heterosexual couples who were married (or had lived together for more than 6 months), at least one of whom had used cannabis twice a week, to record their daily consumption activity for 30 consecutive days. Also, it was specified that they should make a “report of the different sensations experienced before consuming cannabis” in an e-journal (using a mobile application) and do the same “just after consumption”.


In Fact,the objective of the study was to determine whether a user’s morning mood, positive or negative, influenced cannabis use. Among the researchers’ assumptions, you found the theory of substances and addictions that humans continue to use substances as a technique to “reduce the feeling of psychological discomfort”, as the morning coffee drinker will need it to start the day well.

As a result of this experiment, the researchers found that abnormal morning moods made cannabis use more likely during the day, but they also showed that neither anxiety nor morning hostility had a decisive impact. In addition, the study subjects were more likely to use cannabis for a completely different reason: if their spouse was also using it.

“For both men and women, the probability of using cannabis on a specific day was higher when the morning condition (the set of positive emotions experienced) was less severe, suggesting that people use cannabis to regain positive feelings,” the researchers wrote. “However, the results do not provide convincing support for the self-medication hypothesis, since neither hostile or anxious mood contributes to cannabis use.

Does using cannabis in the morning make it easier to start the day?

The researchers also pointed out that they could not state with certainty that mood improvement was directly related to cannabis use rather than to “natural day patterns”, and that the “positive consequences” of cannabis use probably reflected an immediate feeling of “good drug” generally associated with cannabis. In other words, the simple fact of smoking cannabis would seem to be at the root of this feeling of well-being of the smoker. However, with this type of research, it is impossible to determine and affirm whether this is due to cannabis or to feelings associated with cannabis.

But,the study was limited by the lack of control of the type (variety and rate) of cannabis consumed and its frequency. As you can imagine, there will be a big difference between facing a day with a huge high produced by a variety containing 20% THC and smoking a variety with a high CBD level before going for a shower.

So,does that mean you have to use cannabis if you wake up in a bad mood? No, it will depend entirely on you, and it is very likely that your negative thoughts or morning bad mood are not related to cannabis use, but rather to good rest at night. But if you start the day with your left foot, and you use cannabis at some point during the day, you will have at least a chance to smile again later. 

Does cannabis use improve couples’ relationships?

The research also revealed something else: cannabis use in a couple can be very good, both in and out of bed. “These positive effects are strongly confirmed since, during the first 2 hours after consumption, the couple’s “intimate moments” are more common, as are demonstrations of affection and love.

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