By LeeWEpstein

March 4, 2020


For several decades, cannabis cultivation was geared towards the search for high productivity, speed, and efficiency. For a long time, a large majority of cannabis growers believed that in order to obtain these three elements, the use of chemical fertilizers was necessary.

In this post, we explain step by step how to increase the quality of your cannabis heads through simple and sustainable organic cultivation. We will briefly explain to you what the steps are to grow using this method, but don’t worry, in future posts we will expand on the information so that no doubts remain.

Why grow organically?

The advantages of growing cannabis organically compared to growing with chemical fertilizers are many. We could choose the three main ones: it is healthier for the plant, for the cannabis user, and the environment.

For your health

Of course, it is important to remember that everything you offer your plant will end up in your body when you consume its heads. Seen in this light, you may not want to add all those chemicals to your body that can affect your health over the long term. Not to mention that the taste of cannabis grown with organic products will be much more pleasant than the harsh little taste that often stings your throat when cannabis is grown with chemicals.

For the environment

Although it is not the worst thing, it will not be good for the environment if chemicals released into the soil or sewage.

For your plants

Your cannabis plants will appreciate a culture using nutrients of biological origin. This will result in greater resistance to pests and diseases, as well as an increase in crop quality. The objective of the organic cultivation method we offer you is to promote and activate SAR (Acquired Systemic Resistance).

What is SAR? How does it affect your cannabis cultivation?

Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) is a generalized resistance response of the entire plant to exposure to a pathogen. SAR is analogous to the innate immune system in animals. When we talk about SAR, we are therefore referring to a kind of “immune system” in plants.

If you use an inert substrate with which you have to feed your plant with chemical fertilizers. The SAR of this cannabis plant will be lower and therefore has less “immune defenses” against possible plague and disease attacks. A simple comparison to better understand this concept. If a person eats almost exclusively fast food, he or she will put on a lot of weight, almost certainly becoming obese. However, this is not synonymous with good health, and in fact, it would probably be the opposite because the immune system will be weak and will tend to get sicker than that of a person following a balanced diet.

So, crops raised with synthetic nutrients would be more sensitive than those with an organic culture, since it is impossible to deceive nature .

How do you grow cannabis organically?

To grow your plants organically, feeding them with organic products will not be enough. First of all, it is necessary to understand the cycles of nature, to create a small ecosystem in which the factors contribute to the functioning of a set of processes in perfect symbiosis. This may seem a little complicated, but it’s not. Let’s get to the heart of the matter!

Logistical Forecasting

In order to know the size of the pot or cabinet you need, you must first decide which genetics you are going to grow and what its characteristics are. Based on this, calculate the dimensions to set up your installation.

How to prepare the growing area

The soil is, in fact, an environment teeming with numerous micro-organisms that are beneficial to the vital development of plants. Growing with chemical fertilizers and pesticides is based on destroying and eliminating this microbiological life. In order to provide the plant with only the nutrients that the grower considers it needs. We think this is a mistake. So we’re going to explain how to prepare Super Soil. A perfect medium for activating the soil’s microbiological life and providing the plant with the nutrients it needs naturally in the substrate.

How to activate the medium

Once the medium in which we are going to grow, the substrate, has been created. The next step will be to activate the microbiological life from which the cannabis plant will have to draw its strength. This phase consists of two parts:

The manufacture and application of compost teas…
The application of preventive methods (against plagues and diseases)

Watering and Moisture Control

In soil with microbiological life, it will be necessary to maintain the constant moisture content of about 60%.

Soil Recycling

Once harvesting is complete, recycle the substrate for reuse and complete the cycle.


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