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November 5, 2019


In short, Yes soon! This was announced in May 2019 when the company “GW Pharmaceuticals” published the results of its clinical research. Read on to learn more!

The research phases: CBD as a drug

We have stated in our previous articles that clinical research is necessary to prove that CBD helps to effectively combat certain diseases. When there is an indication that a substance such as CBD has a medicinal application, a pre-clinical research phase is initiated. This involves testing the effects of the substance on animals. To verify the effect of the substance on the body, animal organs are examined after CBD administration. If positive effects are predominant compared to negative effects, clinical research begins with tests on humans.

Clinical research on CBD

Clinical research on the effects of CBD is carried out in 3 stages. In Phase 1, CBD is administered in a progressive dosage to healthy people. This makes it possible to determine the maximum dose for a human being and control possible side effects.

CBD tested on human beings

Once confirmed, Phase 2 can begin testing CBD on people with a particular disease.

Participants are divided into two groups. One group takes the substance in question and the other group takes a placebo (drug without active ingredient). No one knows if they took the substance or a placebo. If there is an improvement in the people who took the drug but not in the people who took a placebo, it is clear that the substance is active.

Test CBD on a large-scale

The last phase consists of testing large groups of patients in different hospitals. In general, the group is divided into three groups. In addition to the substance and placebo, part of the group receives a drug already used for the treatment of this condition. And of course, none of the participants know what they are taking. This makes it possible to accurately observe the effect of the substance on patients. And to determine whether the substance is more effective or less effective than the existing drug.

CBD for epilepsy

The benefits of CBD after much research cannot be ignored. “Charlotte’s Web” drew attention to the beneficial effect of CBD in suppressing epileptic seizures. Patients with tuberous sclerosis are often prone to severe epileptic seizures from early childhood. The publication of this research made it possible to announce the proof of the therapeutic effect of CBD against these attacks. During this research, the number of cases of attacks was reduced by half.

Pharmaceutical companies and CBD

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