By LeeWEpstein

February 24, 2020


Curing is the final stage of post-harvest treatment, which transforms dry cannabis heads into killer weed. Provided the grower has pruned the crop well and slowly dried it, the curing stage will take another 4 weeks for the weed to reach the heights of potency and taste.

The cannabis expert must be patient, but in the end, a perfectly cured crop is the definition of a delicious harvest.

Good whiskey and the best wines need to be aging, and old wine is always a premium product. Likewise, matured cannabis heads are a notch above commercial, fast-dried weed and low-grade grass sold on the street. Instead of a barrel, our premium weed is aged in jars.

Not only will a month of curing release the maximum levels of THC and all the taste and smell of your weed, but it also extends the life of your reserves up to 2 years. However, the THC begins to break down naturally after 6-12 months.

Chlorophyll is the enemy and the goal is to use a glass jar as a habitat so that enough aerobic bacteria devour the green chlorophyll in cannabis and die without proliferating.

At the same time, the terpenes decompose, releasing flavors and odors, while THC levels reach their peak. Of course, temperature and relative humidity must be under control for perfect curing.

Mastering this curing step and adding it to your growing skills is advantageous for any type of grower, from the dispensary looking to smoke the competition with a superior product, to the ordinary hobby grower who always wants to smoke the best and have a large stash in his closet or sometimes under a floorboard.

You have to know how to do the curing, and you have to know how to do it if you grow it yourself.

How to curing cannabis heads properly

How to curing cannabis heads To make good curing of cannabis heads, you need the right tools. Well, you will only need a few jars and maybe a few moisture packets to be sure. Weed curing focuses on removing the moisture from the inside of the heads. Here are the three simple steps for this curing :

  1. Place the dry heads in the canning jars. Do not overcrowd; leave enough space to gently shake the jar and move the contents.
  2. Close the jar and play the patience game. Once a week, open the jars to monitor progress and let some air in/out for about 10 minutes. Sniff the heads well and as long as you don’t smell ammonia or unpleasant odors or see mold, you are on the right track.
  3. Repeat step 2 for another three weeks, for a total of four weeks. Roll a big joint and smile, because you have just done perfect curing of your cannabis heads.

The previous steps should be carried out while maintaining a relative humidity of 55-65% and ideally temperatures between 15 and 20°C. Also, the jars should kept in a dark and dry place, as light degrades the THC and spoils the curing. Cupboard works very well. Moisture bags are a good way to make sure you have a perfect microclimate in your jar, just put one with your reserves.

Solving Cannabis curing problems

As mentioned at the beginning, before you even start refining your weed, your weed must be perfectly dry, i.e. neither dry to the point of crumbling nor too wet, just enough to have a little spring in your heads.

That said, during the curing process, some heads may release moisture faster than others. The solution to reinvigorate heads that have dried too much is to add more fresh heads to the jar.

As the new material releases moisture into the jar, it will balance the remaining reserves and put you back on track. Also, adding a slice of orange or lemon can be just as effective and some say it improves the taste.

Don’t try to refine wet weed, really don’t, no matter what cannabis beginners might tell you on the internet. If the buds contain too much moisture and you put them in a glass jar, expect a catastrophe, and quickly. Mould could strike and cure simply won’t happen.
After a week of too wet heads in the jar, you will notice an unpleasant smell when you open the jar to let it breathe. The harvest can then be very difficult to save. But if the heads too wet, take them out of the jars and put them in a kraft paper bag to dry for a few days.

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