By LeeWEpstein

June 5, 2018

The best way to germinate cannabis seeds is to use two saucers or plates and a few paper tissues. Here are the steps to follow.
Step 1. Preparation
Spread a few layers of moistened tissues on the first plate and make sure there is no excess water.
Place the cannabis seeds on the tissues, leaving as much space as possible between them.
Cover the seeds with a few layers of damp tissues, again taking care to remove any excess water.
Finally, place the second plate on top of the first, face to face, like the shells of a bivalve. This creates a dark and humid environment conducive to germination.
Step 2. Germination
Place the plates in a warm place (21ºC) away from direct light.
Check daily to see if the tissues have dried out, and if necessary, spray them with water.
After a few days, the seeds should start to open and develop a visible root. Usually, they take 72 hours to germinate in the germination medium. The appearance of roots can sometimes take up to ten days or even two weeks.
When the roots reach a few millimeters in length, it is time to carefully transfer the sprouted seeds, one by one, into a small pot containing a growing medium (compost, coconut fiber or rock wool).
Step 3. Potting
Make a small hole in the growth medium equivalent to twice the length of the seed – the cannabis seed should be placed about 2 to 5 mm deep.
Place the cannabis seed, root down, in the hole and cover it slightly with medium to keep it out of the light while allowing it to emerge unobstructed.
Sprouted cannabis seeds normally emerge 24 to 72 hours after transplanting.
Step 4. The seedling stage
Seedlings need abundant light as soon as they come out of the ground. Provide them with plenty of care during the first two weeks as they are still fragile at this stage.
If you grow outdoors, the seedlings should be gradually acclimatized to direct sunlight. Place them on the edge of a window in the house, increasing the exposure time from one to two hours per day.
If you grow indoors, the seedlings can be exposed to artificial light without any problem. Hang the high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps 50 to 80 cm above the seedlings. Bulbs or fluorescent tubes can be placed at a normal height.

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