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November 11, 2019


Choose genetics with high terpene potential

All cannabis varieties are different and therefore have equally different organoleptic properties. Some express a fragrance as a rich and complex flavor that can be effectively optimized, and others will demonstrate a scent as a more unique taste.

This part is to be taken with great consideration, as it is of paramount importance regarding the results you will ultimately obtain.

Grow your cannabis in the ground

Cannabis growers with some experience in this field are well aware that cannabis flowers obtained from cultivation in the ground produce a finished product with a much richer and more complex aroma and flavor.

This is easy to understand, because a substrate such as soil or a mixture of soils is made up of a large number of different organic and mineral elements, among others, and which ultimately bring an incomparable organoleptic richness to your cannabis plants.

Organic fertilization

It will be necessary to carry out organic fertilization to obtain the best results in this respect. It is important, if you can, to design and prepare your soil mixture or “super soil” by yourself, adding all the necessary organic elements and amendments.

It is important to obtain the mixture containing the maximum number of elements necessary, to establish a significant and complementary richness of nutrients.

Exposure and light quality

The quality of light is also a part not to be neglected to obtain excellent quality cannabis. This is why outdoor cannabis plants show a wonderful complexity and organoleptic richness, as this is due to the very diversified and complete composition of the natural sunlight spectrum.

Concerning indoor cannabis cultivation, it has been proven that LED lamps, or recent LEC/CMH lamps or by mixing the light spectra of an MH lamp and a sodium lamp (HPS) during flowering, can significantly improve the aromatic and gustatory aspect, but also the intensity of the effect of your cannabis flowers.

Cultivation method/pruning

The use of one or more of these techniques also makes it possible to optimize the terpenic potential of the plant. That is, when you trim your lower branches that do not receive light well, for example, all the plant compounds will concentrate more on the flowers on the upper part of the plant.

It is for this reason that it is important to know how the varieties are grown at the time of cultivation behave.

Rinsing your cannabis plants

It is very important to stop fertilizing your cannabis plants at least 15 to 20 days before harvest. It is then necessary to water your plants with clear water, using a pH adjusted to a value of 6.0 during this period, to remove all fertilizer residues still present in the plant tissues. This is why the leaves of the plant turn yellow, it means that its tissues gradually release the excess fertilizer.

The right time to harvest

 Again, you will need to choose the right time to harvest, i.e. the plant should reach its ideal point of maturity. What we want to express here is that the cannabis flowers must be definitively formed, that we can observe that the appearance of new chalices such as pistils is achieved

 Another sign of obvious maturity is that 30% of the plant’s resin trichomes show an amber coloration. These are key indicators to obtain a good expression of the plant’s terpenes, this will be expressed through a certain freshness as well as a marked intensity in terms of their scent and the flavor of your cannabis flowers.

Manual and careful manicure

You will have to manicure your cannabis flowers manually and with the greatest care. If you have followed all the steps mentioned above and neglect them, then all your efforts towards the highest quality of the finished product could be wiped out in a short time.

It is important to make sure that your flowers do not receive any shocks or sudden drops during their handling, otherwise, you will lose terpenes, which are volatile and therefore very easily released from the flower, but also resin trichomes. The use of a manicure machine is to be banned here, not to be used under any circumstances.

A good curing

 This is the last step and also the outcome of your cannabis cultivation because soon will be the moment to finally be able to taste the fruit of your work. It is essential to carry out this step by maintaining temperatures between 17 and 20ºC, with constant humidity also between 45 and 55%.

It is also necessary that there is no light in the space where your cannabis will be stored during this step. All these conditions will serve to achieve a well-managed maturation so that the slow and progressive gas exchanges bring all the richness and organoleptic complexity necessary for your prestigious flowers.

During this curing phase, the opening time of the pots is variable, because it depends on the environmental conditions of the place where you carry out this stage, but also on the aromatic and gustatory evolution of your cannabis flowers over time. The curing period must be between 3 and 5 months.

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