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 Our senses will allow us to perceive what is happening around us. Traditionally, it has always been considered that we had five, but some recent research suggests that there may well be more. They are important because everything we do, such as seeing the color of a traffic light, listening to someone on the phone, smelling the scent of flowers or eating a good pizza, will require at least one of them.

 We will explain below some of the effects of cannabis on the five senses.

The link between touch and pain

Cannabis will help to alleviate the pain caused by the stimulation of these receptors.

Recently, research has shown that CBD may also have palliative effects, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Many diseases, such as some acne cases, cause painful inflammation that CBD will reduce.

To smell better

The smell will also be affected by cannabis use. This is what various research studies suggest, such as that carried out by a team from the University of Bordeaux. The researchers exposed a group of mice to the smell of banana and almond oil to assess their sensitivity to odors. Those who had been exposed to THC showed more interest in the smell of the products.

In a second step, the same test was carried out on genetically modified mice from which the CB1 receptor present in olfactory bulbs had been removed. Curiously, even after receiving THC, the mice showed no interest in the smell of food and the area of the brain controlling the sense of smell was not activated. The researchers, therefore, concluded that THC sharpened the sense of smell, creating sensations similar to those felt by hunger.

Night vision

 cannabis improves night vision. A 1991 study showed that Jamaican fishermen were able to work without worries in the middle of the night and light, after drinking alcohol and cannabis-based drink. Later, a study by the University of Granada and Tetouan, respectively in Spain and Morocco, confirmed a similar situation in Morocco. In all likelihood, the reason is that cannabis regulates vitamin A levels, which, in addition to improving vision in dark environments, will help prevent macular degeneration.

A different flavor

Cannabis use increases appetite. The reason is that the plant facilitates the production of ghrelin, sometimes called the “hunger hormone”. It is mainly produced and released in the stomach, and to a lesser extent, in the small intestine, pancreas, and brain. Ghrelin is responsible for this unpleasant sensation that indicates that the body is hungry.

But cannabis also alters the sense of taste, which is why the food will have a different flavor for a consumer. The University of Bordeaux study, mentioned above, had also shown that THC sharpened taste, which is why the flavor of food and drink will be more intense, as will odors.

The ability to listen

In 1976, a study tried to clarify, through various hearing tests, whether there was a negative link between cannabis use and the quality of hearing ability. This research was conducted on 30 patients; half had smoked cannabis and the other half had taken a placebo. The comparison between the scores of the hearing tests before and after consumption did not show any significant change in hearing function in either group. The study then determined that cannabis use does not affect it in any way, either positively or negatively.

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