By LeeWEpstein

February 14, 2020


A grinder gets dirty as it is used. Kief formations on the walls prevent proper rotation, make it difficult to open and reduce the efficiency of the machine. Here are a few tips on how to clean your grinder and extract the pollen inside, without damaging this very useful tool.

The toothbrush

As with humans, brushing the grinder’s teeth is essential for its proper functioning. And in order to get into every nook and cranny, the toothbrush seems to be the most suitable to rebuild the health of your grinder. Small brushes can also be used, the kind that you can find among old school things or a ricochet of mascara (thank you, ma’am). The use of the brush is the simplest and quickest technique for quick and effective cleaning.


Freezing can make it easier to extract the kief stuck in the teeth of the grinder and on the ends of the appliance. Open the different parts of the grinder. Let it enjoy the freshness for 45 minutes and then take it out. Tap it against a flat surface, as usual, here the pollen should fall directly. If any pollen remains on the walls, a toothbrush should be enough to remove it.

A milk bath

OK, so dipping your grinder that’s been lying around is not very hygienic if you want to drink the milk afterward. However, using whole milk will allow the absorption of the THC stuck in the encrusted waste. Not recommended with plastic and wooden grinders.

90% alcohol

This technique is the most efficient and works with all grinders except acrylic grinders. First of all, all parts of the grinder must be opened and soaked in a container of 90° alcohol. The weed waste will be dissolved in the alcohol. Remove the parts of the grinder, wipe it with a cloth and let the alcohol evaporate. Once the alcohol is gone, you will be left with a small extraction.

Soap and hot water

For those disappointed from previous experience, or those who have an acrylic grinder, there is a simpler and more effective solution as a last resort. Hot water, soap, a brush and it’s done.

 It is not advisable to scrape the grinder with a sharp tool. Scratches and after-effects left by the pointed tool could damage the walls. These scratches will facilitate future pollen incrustation and will eventually doom your grinder.

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