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Many cannabis users claim that the plant would boost morale and creativity, but it is not just a myth. Research is rare and often inconclusive, but it is beginning to confirm what we all thought. Cannabis can make you more creative.
In fact, some of the most influential and brilliant artists and thinkers have spoken about cannabis great creative influence. From Silicon Valley to art centers around the world. Cannabis is the source of innovative thinking and many technological advances. That make our lives more agile and art more exquisite. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are among the countless artists who have painted under the effects of cannabis. And Steve Jobs or Carl Sagan praised the visionary side of the plant before they died.

But what does science think about it?

A study conducted in 2017 in the magazine “Consciousness and Cognition” revealed that the happiness offered by cannabis would make it possible to link apparently unrelated concepts. This is the kind of thing that smokers’ movies often make fun of, but this way of “divergent thinking” and the unleashing of original ideas are indeed the sources of creativity.

The study also suggests that cannabis would allow you to free yourself from common thoughts and give rise to the ingenuity and innovative ideas. But this mechanism is not as simple as one might think.

Two factors determine the real effect of cannabis on creativity: the amount of cannabis consumed and your natural creativity. A study conducted in 2012 by researchers at the University of London suggests, contrary to what one might think, that if you are already naturally creative, cannabis will not greatly increase your existing creative production. But for those who are generally not very imaginative, this could greatly stimulate their creativity. Cannabis can also eliminate the “artistic blockage” of those who lack inspiration, regardless of their natural inclination for creative thinking.

Calm down, writers

Cannabis can be a way to extract inspiration from the confines of your mind if you consume small doses. Too much consumption could catapult you beyond lucidity and lock you directly into darkness. Which could make you even less creative than when you started. Therefore, if you are looking for this stable shine, microdosing and controlling the amount of cannabis is recommended.

CBD does not produce the psychoactive effects (alteration of the mind) that promote creativity, as is the case with THC. Energizing varieties, such as Sativa, can also provoke “convergent thinking”, an ability to connect different ideas. Thus,making limonene genetics a great option for exchanging ideas and addressing difficult problems.
Strangely, it seems that cannabis also has the particularity of allowing you to recharge your batteries internally. Knowing that the plant will tend to reduce inhibitions. You can let your imagination fly away without your critical sense interfering. On the other hand, it gives some credibility to those who swear by cannabis, but it should be noted that many artists also use cannabis in the later stages of a project to modify and refine it.

Thus, cannabis could be the magic wand that many artists dream of, whether to regain creativity or as a catalyst to eliminate mental blockages. But it will still take a lot of research to find the varieties and doses that will play on the inspiration, reaching a degree of creativity necessary for all artists, and you.

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