By LeeWEpstein

March 11, 2020


The amount of weed for the average joint has always been a matter of debate. The publication of a new study finally answers the question. Here is the REAL amount of weed in an average joint!

Not all joints are the same size. Some cannabis smokers like to roll huge joints while others prefer smaller ones. As medical cannabis users and connoisseurs may have different preferences and tastes. The “right” size for a joint and the “correct” amount of weed for a joint have always been the subject of heated debate.

The journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence has published a rather interesting new study that could finally put an end to the age-old question of how much cannabis to put in a joint.

In their report, drug policy researchers tell us how much cannabis is actually in an “average” joint:

It is exactly 0.32 grams.

The researchers state that these estimates can be incorporated into drug policy discussions to produce a better understanding of illicit cannabis markets, the size of potential legalized cannabis markets, and health and behavioral outcomes.

Why this study is important

Many companies and organizations can indeed benefit from this study. Knowing the average amount of cannabis in a normal joint allows decision-makers and researchers to use this number as a standard for new legislation, clinical trials, and further research.

Clinics can now use the established average as a new standard, making it easier for them to dispense the correct amounts. Ensuring more consistent doses for both medical and recreational cannabis users.

In their study, the 2 researchers included approximately 10,000 cannabis users who previously arrested for possession between 2000 and 2010. An older but now discontinued federal program, ADAM, helped the researchers gain insight into case-specific data. As the program listed various information such as the amounts of cannabis that resulted in prosecutions.

Based on this information, establishing a new number of 0.32 grams was not too difficult. All the researchers did was to take the average of the available data. According to scientists, the average weight proposed in their study is reliable at +/- 0.03 grams. The slight variation is probably because not all the people arrested reported the weight of the bulk cannabis they had purchased. Some study participants reported the number of joints purchased.

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