By LeeWEpstein

April 16, 2019

Hemp oil is high in fatty acids, the percentage of unsaturated fatty acids is around 80%. 

 This high percentage alone makes it possible to qualify oil as a very high-quality dietary supplement for dogs, cats, horses and other pets.  

These acids are essential for many physical functions for pets and humans. They must thus be supplied with the feed or as a dietary supplement, such as hemp oil to the body.

Other components of hemp oil are tocopherol, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, chlorophyll, and carotenoids. If your dog has medical issues, it will be useful to give it oil repeatedly.  

The appropriate dose of hemp oil is important:

With the proper dose, hemp oil has several benefits for your dog’s health. It decreases allergies, prevents inflammation and eczema, promotes a bright thick coat and reinforces the immune system.

It is necessary to be careful with the oil dosage . It is dependent on your dog’s weight. If you are first using hemp oil as a dog supplement-you ought to begin with drops. This dosing is adjustable weekly until the highest quantity is attained. A single weekly intake is generally adequate. 

Generally, you may recall the following recommended dosages:

  • Small dogs receive a dose of 2.5 ml to 5.0 ml.
  •  Medium dogs get 5.0 to 10.0 ml. 
  •  Large dogs receive a dose of 10.0 ml to 15.0 ml per week.

 These suggestions are illustrative. As a precautionary measure, you should discuss the dosage with your veterinarian. As a general rule, you should also keep in mind that one teaspoon is about 5 ml of oil.

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