By Lucas De Vries

December 19, 2018
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The most common question among the dog’s owner is: can my dog have hemp oil? 

If your dog doesn’t have any hemp oil then he’s missing out.

Because Hemp oil is a major dietary component of many dogs . in this article I will give you 6 strong reasons why. 

  Hemp Benefits for Dogs :

  • Hemp oil for irritated skin, as well as dry and inflamed skin, can be applied by friction the healing effect of oil is noticeable after a few days. 
  • Cannabis effect studies for dogs are available in the United States and Canada. They were concluded with the result that cannabis oil helps to relieve the dogs’ physical and emotional disorders. 
  • hemp oil decreases your pet’s anxiety, stress, and nerves.
  •  Also, good results against epilepsy treatment were achieved. Cases of seizures may decrease by up to 75% in certain cases. 
  • Hemp oil was also useful in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • using hemp oil for Crohn’s disease may reduce the symptoms significantly. 

         When To Avoid Hemp Oil For Dogs?

Hemp oil combined with poultry is a bad combination. So, if you feed your dog principally poultry, you should avoid hemp oil.

This is because hemp and poultry are rich in multi-unsaturated fats. So giving both makes your dog’s diet unbalanced.

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