By LeeWEpstein

December 3, 2018

It should be noted that hemp is an ecological and versatile plant, offering great resistance and unlimited potential. Little is known yet about the food uses of hemp. On the other hand, the medical and therapeutic uses of the plant are at the heart of scientific research. It is rich in nutrients and very interesting.

The effects of hemp oil on cancer

Hemp oil, often assimilated to cannabis, is sometimes presented as a natural remedy for cancer. However, these are two distinct plants. Can hemp prevent disease? Is it effective in treating the disease?

      Hemp Oil for Cancer: What are the Benefits? 

 In therapeutic use, hemp oil is used in many scientific studies which have focused on the effects of it in cancer treatment.

Cancer prevention through hemp oil

The balance between our intake of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids is essential for maintaining health. Hemp is one of the few foods that maintain this balance because it offers ideal proportions between these two elements. Eating hemp as seeds or oil can be very beneficial for your health. By following a healthy and balanced diet, we can prevent the onset of the disease and its development.

Treating cancer with hemp

You can’t use a plant to cure cancer if you don’t put in place proper medical treatment. However, if plants do not completely cure the disease, they can help us! This is the case for hemp and its various forms. Indeed, CBD, which is none other than the plant’s relaxing compound, is particularly effective in the treatment of several types of cancer. In the face of cancer, hemp oil can provide great support to patients. It helps to limit the pain and some of the side effects of the treatment, such as nausea and vomiting.

Hemp oil is more likely to be used as an adjuvant to chemotherapy. It is not used as a direct treatment, but as a complement to other usual treatments. CBD can thus help to treat some symptoms of cancer and even reduce the side effects of treatment.

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