By Lucas De Vries

July 25, 2018
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Many dog owners are wondering how much hemp oil should be given to their dogs.

Hemp oil for dogs is not intended to heal or relieve pain. Because it does not contain a lot of CBD, hemp oil does not have a very significant effect on pain, anxiety or cancer. Hemp oil is recommended if your dog’s diet may need it. After all, hemp oil is madly rich in important nutrients .

its high content of essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, and GMA (gamma-linolenic acid). Your dog needs these fatty acids, but may not get enough with his normal diet. That’s where hemp oil comes in. It acts as a supplement to their diet.

Hemp oil for dogs Dosage

The quantity of hemp oil you should give to your dog depends on his weight. Here is the recommended dosage of hemp oil :

10 lbs = 1 ml

20 lbs = 1.5ml

30 lbs = 2ml

40 lbs = 2 ml

50 lbs = 3ml

60 lbs = 3.5ml

70 lbs = 4ml

80 lbs = 4.5ml

90+ lbs = 5ml

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