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September 28, 2018

The cafe in the Brooklyn neighborhood has a blackboard outside. It usually reads something like “CBD coffee”, there was a marijuana leaf on it, drawn in green chalk. In fact not all hemp oil brands and CBD products on the market are equal .It’s unfair to claim that all these brands are the best.

Marijuana for recreational purposes is not legal in New York State. So,what coffee sells is a milk coffee infused with CBD; CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound exists in the cannabis plant.

CBD everywhere

In New York and throughout the country, you can find CBD oil, CBD vape in the smoking rooms, CBD oil, and topical creams in the beauty shops. Also,you can buy CBD dog treats in Chicago, a $ 700 CBD couple massage in Philadelphia and CBD chocolate chip cookies in Miami. CBD is also combined with ice cream, savory snacks, and cocktails. Even Coca-Cola would work on a CBD drink.

CBD exists at the confluence of two major consumer trends. The first is the herbal supplement boom, a $ 49 billion a year industry that has been expanding rapidly since about 2010. The second is the creation of a legitimate cannabis industry, overnight, through legalization. growing marijuana.

Anyone can apparently buy CBD online or at a traditional store, without fear of being stopped. This availability has made CBD a $ 350 million market last year in the US; According to some estimates, annual sales of CBD products could reach $ 1 billion by 2020.

CBD confectionery the fast-casual chain By Chloe recently launched a range of CBD-based bakery products called Feelz by Chloe. Also, CBD milkshake Dez, a New York-based restaurant in the Middle East,which offers cream ice creams topped with CBD-infused olive oil.

RESEARCH ON hemp oil

It is not correct to say that the CBD as a whole is bullshit. Because, from the medical point of view, it’s promising. But that does not mean that what you buy works perfectly.

Limited available studies indicate that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects in its various interactions with the brain and the immune system.In other words, it can balance the effects of THC by reducing the anxiety that THC sometimes brings, and many in the industry prefer “broad spectrum” or “full-spectrum” configurations, which use several cannabinoids at a time.

There are many ways to introduce CBD into your body. The most common, used in both clinical trials and consumer products, is an oil in which CBD, naturally soluble in fat, has been dissolved.

Generally ,CBD oil can be administered orally, by inhalation or by topical application.

        DOSAGE & Effects

Dosages in CBD products are very low. “The standard dosage, I would say, is around 20 mg per serving,” says Joshua Tavares, general manager of C**** Grocery, which sells a wide variety of CBD products, including topical gums, oils, and lotions. The main benefits we talk about when selling products are that CBD is useful for calming anxiety and giving you a sense of calm. I would say it’s our best seller since we introduced it. The CBD category, in general, is really booming right now for us.

So, the entire bottle should be taken to approximate the absolute minimum dose that, according to the studies, could be effective in reducing anxiety. A drop of $ 3 CBD oil on your ice cream or coffee? Probably just around 10 mg. While,you would need 30 times that amount to reach the levels at which the researchers found results relieving stress.

“Returning customers come back and swear by it and love it,” says Tavares, a CBD food and beverage vendor. “We rely heavily on consumer feedback and feedback, and in general, it’s good to take that minimum amount. Now, it could very well be a placebo effect, but in both cases, people came back and reported significant benefits in reducing social anxiety. “

What’s in your favorite CBD product?

A potentially larger problem than the dosage is the lack of information on the ingredients contained in most hemp oil brands sold across the country.

So,not all CBD products on the market are equal, and we really do not understand what cannabis is, let alone the CBD. 

Actually,Industrial hemp is extremely low in THC or entirely free of THC and is grown for its fiber., its hemp oil and, increasingly, its CBD.

Large quantities of hemp oil brands are sold online and in stores without any documentation or transparency. Online retailers say what they want. For instance,the big markets, from eBay to Alibaba, sell mysterious bottles of oil with strange labels, and people buy them.

These products come from places such as Xi’an Lyphar Biotech Co. Ltd., which does not mention that it is one of the largest sellers of CBD on Alibaba (Made in China) on its website, and even less to indicate where it comes from. Certainly,everyone wants their share of the flourishing CBD market.

Remember, there is no regulation from the FDA or anyone. A survey conducted by Natural Products Insider, a publication specializing in the supplement industry, revealed that CBD producers claim, at best, to apply “good manufacturing practices” without any formal controls. It is illegal to sell something that is not what its packaging claims to be – it’s within the purview of the Federal Trade Commission – but no one is doing an on-site test.

So, how can you be sure that your CBD oil actually contains what the package says it contains?

Consequently,2 clinical directors of pharmaceutical companies had tested various oils they had found for sale, just out of curiosity. They found that some of these products did not contain any CBDs. Some hemp oil brands had THC levels exceeding the federal limit.

This corresponds to one of the few FDA test cases: In 2016, the FDA tested several “hemp oils brands”, eventually issuing warnings to 8 companies. Some of these oils contain little or no CBD and many contained illegal amounts of THC. For example, the “G**** Hemp Oil Herbal Oil 25% CBD of Healthy Hemp Oil” label contains 8.4 mg / g of THC. S*** T* P****** Oils, which sold the 25 mg CBD capsules on E***, contained between 13 and 19 mg / g of THC and less than 0.1 mg / g of CBD.       

    The CBD, although poorly studied, is not bullshit. In fact, the FDA has just approved its first cannabis-derived drug, a treatment for epilepsy based on CBD called Epidiolex .

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