By Lucas De Vries

February 13, 2020
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Hemp oil, extracted from the seeds, is a valuable source of omega 3 and 6 and nutrients in the daily diet. However, its nutritional and therapeutic value could also be attributed to its composition in cannabinoids, which are present in such small amounts.

In a 2019 study. Several cannabinoids were detected in hemp seed oil and allowed to determine differences in their chemical composition. Although CBDA and CBD are predominant in the 10 oils studied. 20 other “minor” cannabinoids were identified, including canna-bilson (CBE), CBD, THC and CBG derivatives, or homologs of CBD, THC, and CBG with different lengths of the alkyl side chain.

Although cannabinoids represent a small percentage of the components of hemp seed oil (proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids…). The results obtained by the study suggest that they actively contribute to the chemical variability of the final product. Given that each cannabinoid is responsible for a specific biological activity, it could participate in the effects generated by the consumption of hemp seed oil.


Nevertheless, the results of the study indicate that all levels of cannabinoids were below 5 ppm. Considering this to be the dietary limit of THC according to German legislation. Which is the most restrictive on the subject. So , these low levels could have relevant nutraceutical effects. But it is difficult to determine the actual pharmacological evidence due to the limited scientific studies on the minimum effective dose of cannabinoids. Other than THC, there are no guidelines for the maximum daily dose of known cannabinoids that can be consumed by a single individual.

Furthermore, previous work has reported that even consumption of hemp seed oil with low THC content can result in a positive cannabinoid test in the urine.

The study concludes that although it is not possible to explain the extreme pharmacological versatility resulting from the combination of all cannabinoids. The analysis and identification of as many of them as possible in each sample of the hemp seed oil is crucial to exploit the full human potential. The life and well-being of this unique food product.

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