By LeeWEpstein

April 1, 2020


CBD is the next miracle solution for weight loss, isn’t it? Well, not quite. Like many herbal therapies, CBD has different effects on different individuals. In some cases, this includes increased appetite. For example, a study of 117 children with epilepsy showed that the use of CBD oil significantly increased appetite in about one-third of the subjects.

A study of the cross-sectional use of CBD by 2,409 people found that about 6-7% of users experienced an increase in hunger as a side effect. It is important to note, however, that much more research is needed to understand the overall effects of CBD, as they seem to vary depending on genetics and method of administration.

How to add  CBD to your diet

So you’ve gotten through the scientific reading, and now you’re wondering how to add CBD oil to your diet. The good news is that it’s a fairly simple process; you can experiment with CBD oils until you find the right product and dose for you.

Although many people take it sublingually (under the tongue), you can also incorporate CBD oil into your diet to add a little magic to your favorite healthy dishes.

You can experiment by infusing CBD oil into your cooking oils and salad dressings. You can add CBD oil to tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

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