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Tapping a bong is a classic pastime and an extremely popular way to achieve an intense effect in a very short time. But could the bong water deprive you of THC?

According to some studies, it could. THC is not soluble in water, which means that it cannot dissolve or bind to water. However, analyses of cannabis smoke before and after passed through water show that filtration decreases the amount of THC present in the smoke.

The study in question, conducted in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Athens . Besides the Organic Chemistry Laboratory of Utrecht State University. Found that water was able to trap soluble and insoluble particles, including THC and other cannabinoids. However, the vast majority of the THC managed to pass through the smoke without hindrance.

Some of the filtered components also found to be responsible for catatonia in mice and suppression of spontaneous motor activity. The water-filtered smoke no longer caused these conditions. This suggests that filtering cannabis smoke with water removes behavioral components.

So the conclusion is that yes. Your bong removes and retains a small amount of THC. But the amount is so negligible that it will not make a noticeable difference in the effect felt.

More inclusions

When you know that using a bong creates a much softer, fresher smoke. The idea of losing marginal amounts of THC is probably not so bad . It’s a good compromise. But what about the rest? Does water help remove more harmful aspects of cannabis smoke? Well, studies from the University of Texas and Harvard Medical School suggest that filtering the smoke in a bong is effective in removing acrolein and acetaldehyde from cannabis smoke, both of which are toxic to the lungs’ major defense cells.

However, research also suggests that bong water is more effective in filtering cannabinoids than it is in filtering the harmful components of tars, thereby increasing the tar to THC ratio of filtered smoke to the water. Fortunately, this has no practical implications, as the quantities of tar are not increased and remain the same – it’s just that compared to THC there is more as the THC is decreased in quantity. However, as we have mentioned, the reduction in THC is minimal and therefore will not make any difference in the effect felt.

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