By LeeWEpstein

March 5, 2020


we will take you to meet a Cannabinoid that very few if any, people know: The Cannabimovone. The CBM, however, is present in a very particular and very old variety of hemp, the Carmagnola. When you meet the Cannabimovone, a very promising new Cannabinoid, you will see it, in terms of diabetes and a balanced diet.

The Carmagnola

For music lovers: a ritornello that is hard to forget.

Historians: musical proof of a period rich in twists and turns.

For educators: something much too violent to make children sing it.

Geographers: a cute little Italian village all full of

Weed lovers: old hay

For farmers: a real vegetal pig!

the village of Carmagnola in Italy, which gave its name to a very old variety of hemp. The height of its feet can reach 7 meters!

Particularly high in CBD moreover between 6 and 8%, this variety, in particular, would also be the richest of a particularly unknown cannabinoid: the Cannabimovone.



Few studies are available on CBM, but researchers have just discovered that it strongly interacts with insulin levels in the laboratory. A recently completed Italian study on this subject seems to imply several possible effects.

The a priori non-psychoactive molecule would have the following properties:

  • Antidiabetic
  • Applying
  • Can regulate the body’s insulin resistance
  • Metabolic regulation

At this point, we need to say a quick word about the cannabinoid receptors in the human body to which the CBM naturally binds.

So far, to put it simply, THC and CBD essentially bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors located in different parts of our body. We know the effects of these components and how they interact with the receptors.

CBM, which identified in the early 2000s, is not. It interacts with other cannabinoid receptors that also discovered fairly recently: the

PPAR stands for Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor.

And this is where the effect of Cannabimovone is interesting because it interacts with the cellular balance of major organs in our body. That is to say, it is about the cellular renewal strictly speaking concerning:

  • The heart
  • Liver
  • The kidneys
  • All the muscles
  • The pancreas
  • The spleen

Furthermore, according to the researchers, the CBM regulates the hormonal effects related to weight gain. The receptors PPARα and PPARγ are believed to be metabolic regulators on functions that are involved in the formation of certain cancers.

New studies focusing on insulin resistance with CBM are expected over the next two years. Thereafter, we can imagine treatments that would make it possible to interact with eating disorders.

Somewhat like THCV, it is now known from these studies that CBM will have a marked effect on metabolism and diet in general.

As far as its effectiveness is concerned, when it is combined with other molecules in an entourage effect, all hopes are high. From the diversity of genetics to state-of-the-art laboratories, with medical Cannabis, the winning combinations seem limitless.

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