By Lucas De Vries

June 8, 2018
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One of the main sources of confusion in the world of cannabis is undoubtedly the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. Today we’re going to study the differences between the two and the benefits of each.

Hemp oil is made out of hemp seeds while CBD oil, is made from leaves, stalks, and flowers .


  •          CBD oil

 CBD oil contains high levels of CBD, which consumers seek for its proven anti-inflammatory properties up to potential treatments against cancer, anxiety, epilepsy, Anxiolytics, and endocannabinoid system regulators, without the intoxicating effects of THC. Depending on the use, CBD can be consumed as a daily supplement or as a treatment to relieve certain symptoms. CBD oil can be consumed as it is or processed into tincture, liquids, capsules, cosmetics … 

  •               Hemp oil

Although hemp seed oil does not mimic the use of CBD as a treatment, it still offers a highly nutritious option as an ingredient and food supplement. Hemp seed oil is rich in amino acids, omega-3 and 6, and many vitamins and minerals. Hemp oil has the same consistency as olive oil and is often used as a substitute for olive oil. It can also be infused into cosmetics to nourish the skin, nails or hair.

Hemp oil and CBD each have their place in a healthy lifestyle, but they have their differences. CBD oil emerges as a treatment, with many applications supported by scientific evidence. Hemp oil contains many nutrients and is, therefore, a good food supplement.

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