On the way to becoming a new complement for athletes, cannabidiol is increasingly becoming part of the athletes’ routine to better understand training and physical activities. An update on CBD oil, extracted from the cannabis plant.

Antispasmodic and tranquilizer

Indeed, in the US and other European countries such as the Netherlands, the use of cannabidiol or CBD is increasing. In dynamic, competitive people or professional athletes, CBD is useable for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In sports medicine, it acts as an antispasmodic and tranquilizer.

For instance, in the United States, football players in the National Football League or the NFL as well as basketball players in the NBA treat significant post-training or post-competition disorders with CBD.

A better alternative to avoid drug dependence

So,this application of CBD in the treatment of pain and spasms helps to avoid athletes’ dependence on conventional drugs. Since athletes are exposed to many risks of injury during their entire career or during a season that must be treated.

The use of CBD is the best effective alternative or at least a supplement to pain and anti-inflammatory treatment to last throughout the season. Therefore, athletes with traumatic injuries or chronic pain use balms or cannabis oil to treat muscle pain and spasticity. Moreover,it could even help to heal bone fractures.

Anti-inflammatory Effects

CBD compared to other active ingredients in the cannabis plant is the least potent and psychotropic substance. As a result, it allows effective pain management without side effects. This is still a real challenge for athletes and sports doctors with conventional medicines. Also, the anti-inflammatory action of CBD protects the lungs, heart, and brain after an injury and during its treatment.

Finally, CBD is also a good remedy to regulate sleep during the recovery phase of the athlete. Good sleep is indeed essential for growth and muscle recovery in athletes. It also improves sporting performance while reducing stress. The relaxing effects of this cannabinoid provide a better sleep rhythm.

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