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We talk to you regularly about it, CBD is increasingly being studied and used for addiction management. In a study in mice, CBD reduced the increase in cocaine use.

The researchers showed that CBD could modulate some behavioral and molecular manifestations of cocaine use intensification.So, CBD can be useful against cocaine dependence.

Cannabinoid derivatives have shown promising results in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. Including drug addiction. Recent studies on the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on drug abuse have shown mixed results, particularly with psychostimulant substances such as cocaine.

The Experiment

At the end of September 2018. A study carried out at the Department of Experimental Sciences and Health. At the University of Pompeu Fabra.

To determine whether CBD can reduce cocaine reinforcement. Researchers evaluated cocaine-induced behavioral responses in mice, using behavioral sensitization paradigms, i. e. generic tests.

They were able to prove that repeated CBD treatment produced anxiolytic effects in the high level and labyrinth test. Also, reduces cocaine-induced conditioned place preference, but does not affect behavioral awareness.

The CBD has reduced voluntary cocaine use and the point of the gradual break-up of the ratio in the self-administration paradigm.

In parallel, the CBD increased the expression of cannabinoid type 1 receptor.

Also, it reduced the ratio of GluR1 / 2 AMPA subunit receptors in the striatum.

To sum up, the researchers showed that CBD can modulate certain behavioural and molecular aspects of cocaine doping.

Besides, these results show that CBD has pro-neurogenic effects also in cocaine-using animals.

Overall, this new evidence offers new perspectives for the use of the CBD as a therapeutic tool, particularly in the treatment and management of addictions.

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