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September 1, 2020


Is smoking hemp flower a great way to consume CBD? 

Inhalation of cannabidiol leads to the degradation of small amounts of CBD metabolites, known to cause liver damage. While ingestion leads to more rapid degradation, said drug developer Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. These results from a study conducted by Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. cast further doubt on the idea that ingesting cannabis is healthier than inhaling it.

Tetra’s QIXLEEF is a first-generation therapy for the treatment of uncontrolled pain in patients with advanced cancer. Trials for this treatment are underway at a research center in Arizona, with a license from the U.S. Drug Control Agency and approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“The definition of THC and CBD metabolites in human plasma is an essential step for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada to characterize the safety profile of the drug product in patients who use cannabis,” said Tetra.

Previous studies have shown that high doses of CBD can cause liver damage or swelling of the organ to an abnormal size. However, these results show that even doses above 50 milligrams per kilogram of body weight would not cause problems in a single administration but would become toxic if repeated over time.

As part of its ongoing research, Tetra has initiated a study to quantify metabolic agents and cannabinoid-related processes in plasma samples from subjects who took QIXLEEF in its clinical trials. According to Tetra, bioanalysis of these human plasma samples will provide a better understanding of how THC and CBD degraded in humans and how long these compounds remain in the blood, as well as differences between different methods of administration.

The company claims to have developed and validated methods to identify the metabolites of CBD in humans that are known to induce liver damage.

CEO Guy Chamberland states that the rapid and relatively high absorption of CBD and the low amounts of CBD metabolites in humans support his company’s claim that inhalation offers a better safety profile than ingestion.

These data underscore the benefits of QIXLEEF as a cannabis-based inhalation drug, Tetra said. The company claims that QIXLEEF is a therapeutic substance derived from dried Cannabis buds containing no added medical or nonmedical components.  Its second generation of cannabinoids, a synthetic version of QIXLEEF, is called CAUMZ – a treatment that has U.S. FDA orphan drug status.

An alternative hypothesis 

In the wake of the growing CBD market, more and more consumers are choosing hemp flowers, rich in CBD, rather than other highly processed products from the hemp range.

Smoking hemp flowers can have a very calming effect, and many people are looking to take advantage of some of the potential health benefits associated with consuming CBD. Others are simply relaxing and enjoy the taste of a plant smoke without altering their consciousness or getting high.

Whether you smoke hemp for its health benefits or consider it a perfect hobby, smoking hemp buds may be just what you need. 

The female hemp cannabis plant produces CBD buds , which is an essential part of the plant. Besides, it’s the most potent source of valuable phytocannabinoids, including cannabidiol. The plant is rich in CBD, but there are other cannabinoids in the hemp buds. While CBD oil comes from the whole cannabis plant, the smokable buds come only from the hemp flowers, as they are the most potent source of pure, CBD-rich concentrations. Other cannabinoids include CBC, CBG, CBN…

While industrial hemp was once mainly cultivated to produce food, building materials, clothing, seeds, and fiber, modern growers use a specific variety of cannabis with low THC and high CBD content to achieve the best effect. These strains help to optimize the medicinal value, bringing out the best aspects of CBD.

Smoking Hemp buds: Potential Benefits

  • Relaxation

The most significant difference is that smoking CBD does not alter your consciousness or get you high. On the contrary, smoking CBD can be incredibly relaxing, with no psychoactive effects. Unlike THC, CBD leaves the consumer lucid. 

  • Fast results

The main advantage of smoking CBD buds is that it begins to take effect almost immediately. Smoking allows the cannabinoids to make direct contact with the user’s lungs and distribute them throughout the body via the bloodstream. 

  • Higher bioavailability

Smoking CBD hemp buds considerably increases the bioavailability of compounds present in hemp. This term refers to the degree and rate of absorption of CBD compounds into the bloodstream. The higher the degree, the more potent the hemp is.

  • It is affordable

While THC-rich cannabis is quite expensive and only available in some countries, strains containing high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids are often much more accessible and often cheaper in many countries. 

In conclusion, it all comes down to what you want. And to answer the question, yes, smoking hemp flowers is a good and quite effective way to get the most out of your CBD. Don’t forget that smoking CBD has other side effects associated with smoking. Apart from that, smoking hemp will give you the desired effect, just like any other method of administration.

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