By LeeWEpstein

November 12, 2019


Cannabis is much more than just a plant to smoke. Its uses are numerous, and the products that can be created from it are countless, ranging from oils and creams to nutritional supplements. One of the last and most interesting applications is the production of honey.

Thus, the new product contains all the benefits of honey but also the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Honey with many properties

The result of the process is incomparable reddish honey. Its main characteristic is its fast action since, in only ten minutes, you can feel its properties. This benefit will be very useful for patients who would use cannabinoids to treat their diseases. Also, this feature is an improvement over other consumption methods, which will take at least 30 minutes to work in the body. This honey is therefore very good for patients who would quickly need therapeutic effects, such as those suffering from chronic pain.

The proven efficacy of honey makes it a therapeutic tool of choice. Indeed, with only 2 grams of honey, you will have enough to significantly relieve the pain of people suffering from fibromyalgia. CBD honey, without psychoactive effects, will have a concentration of 0.5 mg/g, while THC honey will contain 0.7 mg/g.

What is CBD honey?

In recent years, various products mixing honey and cannabis have appeared on the market. However, it is important to take into account the fact that according to this formula some products will have to be labeled in order not to mislead the consumer.

Bees love hemp

For a long time, the question of whether it was possible for bees to use hemp pollen to produce honey was a very controversial subject. But the figures seem to support this theory since some studies confirm this.

Recently, an interesting study was published in the journal Biomass and Bioenergy on research conducted at Colorado State University. The objective was to check whether bees were attracted under certain circumstances by the pollen from this plant. The experiment consisted of setting ten traps in industrial hemp fields in northern Colorado to catch bees for five days during the peak flowering season. This area was chosen because it was characterized by the low presence of crops pollinating the same type as hemp.

The results were surprising since nearly 2000 bees of 23 different species had been attracted. Most were classic bees, but other less common species, such as Melissodes bimaculata and Peponapis pruinosa, were also present in large quantities.

For the protection of the environment

In addition to demonstrating that bees produce honey with hemp pollen, the results of the study provide very interesting data for biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability.

One of the main problems we are currently facing is the decline in bee populations due to the destruction of their natural habitat. At this rate, likely, in several decades they will eventually disappear completely. This would have serious consequences in various areas, including food, since its role as a pollinator is essential in agriculture.

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