By LeeWEpstein

March 13, 2020


Recent studies suggest that CBD could potentially protect the brain from alcohol-induced damage.

In recent years, there have been numerous medical studies on cannabis. This is particularly the case for CBD, one of the main cannabinoids present in cannabis. Initial findings suggest a wide range of practical and potentially life-changing uses for this compound.

In January, we reported on a study that found that CBD could undo the liver damage caused by alcohol. Now there is a study that suggests it can also prevent alcohol damage to the brain. This study, led at the University of Kentucky’s Pharmaceutical Science department. Revealed that CBD given to rodents . Resulted in about 50% Alcohol-induced degeneration of the cortex ! What makes the study even more interesting is that CBD was administered in two different ways, by injection and dermal application. Both methods proved to be equally effective.

CBD as a treatment

Although promising, these results need to be replicated scientifically in humans before we have any chance of seeing CBD treatments in the future. But this is another point in favor of ending prohibition, and another argument for cannabis in the debate against alcohol.

When you compare cannabis to alcohol, which is legal in most countries, you wonder what is going on. How can a substance such as alcohol, with all its negative effects and few positive effects, be legal when cannabis is not? Professor David Nutt, a leading authority on drug policy, has even suggested that legalizing and regulating cannabis could reduce alcohol consumption by a quarter, with overall positive effects on society and health. When this is combined with the fact that cannabis could prevent the damage caused by alcohol, one wonders who benefits from current policies.

Let us hope that all these changes soon. The evidence in favor of cannabis is reaching staggering proportions, it cannot be ignored.

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