By LeeWEpstein

November 6, 2019


We have already mentioned on this blog the potential of CBD in the fight against cancer. Swiss researchers have recently indicated that CBD oil also has the potential to treat heart and artery disease, the second leading cause of death after cancer.

What is arteriosclerosis?

At birth, the inner walls of our arteries are clean and smooth. If the inner wall of an artery is damaged, the body sends white blood cells to fight inflammation and heal affected tissues. White blood cells enter the artery at the wound level. Cholesterol also enters the body forming plaques on the wall. The progressive accumulation of cholesterol plaques and immune cells gradually leads to a reduction in the diameter of blood vessels. This slows down the flow of blood to the organs. If vital organs, such as the brain and heart, are involved, the risk of serious stroke increases. A piece of arterial tissue can sometimes come off and block another artery, this is called avascular embolism.

Symptoms of atherosclerosis

In fact,Arteriosclerosis can occur in different parts of the body. Calcification of the arteries may be present but you may not know it. If you have arteriosclerosis you probably have the following symptoms:

– Pain in the chest during exercise

– Leg pain when walking (intermittent claudication also called smoker’s leg)

The role of the endocannabinoid system

Because of the known role of endocannabinoids in the health of arteries, researchers have begun to examine arterial tissues for their presence. So,these substances, named after cannabis, are messengers who transmit information between cells. The analysis of the tissues of people who have suffered a stroke compared to those of people who have not suffered a stroke has made an interesting discovery. In the tissues of healthy subjects, they found a greater number of endocannabinoids and more cannabinoid 2 (CB2) receptors. In people who had a stroke, the amount was lower. The researchers, therefore, concluded that activation of the CB2 receptor protects against the consequences of atherosclerosis.

CBD oil & CB2 receptors

Like the endocannabinoids in our body, CBD can activate the most common receptors. The receiver can be compared to a button on the cell wall, which can be activated by different substances. If the button is activated, the cell receives a mission order, such as fighting an infection. The researchers’ discovery of the role of CB2 receptors in protecting arteries confirms the potential of CBD in the fight against arteriosclerosis.

CBD oil anti inflammation and stress

However, the anti-inflammatory role of CBD oil was not examined in this research. Therefore,CBD’s action on many other receptors would strengthen the fight against inflammation. Stress as a major source of cardiovascular disease risk is well established. A poor diet combined with a sedentary lifestyle is, along with stress, the main factors contributing to the calcification of the arteries. The soothing effect of CBD recognized by many people can no longer be ignored!

Combat arteriosclerosis

In addition to taking CBD oil to fight arteriosclerosis, it is recommended to reduce risk factors by adopting a lifestyle that promotes good health. The risk factors for calcification of arteries are:

  • – The tobacco
  • – High blood pressure
  • – High cholesterol levels
  • – Diabetes
  • – The overweight
  • – The stress

In short, it all starts with a healthy life!

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