By LeeWEpstein

September 30, 2019


Anorexia is a decrease in appetite sensation. Although the term in non-scientific publications is often used interchangeably with anorexia nervosa, many other causes may justify a decrease in appetite; some may be harmless, while others may indicate a serious clinical condition or a significant risk.


 Inflammatory cytokines can also send signals to the central nervous system more directly through specialized transport mechanisms across the blood-brain barrier, via circumventricular organs . Or by triggering the production of eicosanoids in the endothelial cells of the cerebrovascular system. Consequently, the appetite control by this mechanism seems to be managed by the same factors that normally control the appetite: the neurotransmitters.

Medical efficacy of cannabis

The use of cannabis stimulates the metabolism of the body and allows consumers to enjoy an increase in appetite. For instance, many disease states may cause some patients to experience symptoms of decreased appetite. In this case, patients often lose significant amounts of weight, this weight loss is detrimental to the healing process or relief of the disease. Because,the human body needs energy in the form of food to fight infection and heal damaged cells or tissues.

In patients with decreased appetite due to a specific disease, medicinal cannabis may be useful in stimulating appetite; it can send a craving for food into a patient’s body through the cannabinoid system, so the patient must be encouraged to eat to provide energy to the body.

Finally,in a long-term study of patients, the appetite-stimulating effects of CBD persisted for months, confirming an improvement in appetite, already noted in a shorter 6 week study.

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