By LeeWEpstein

November 13, 2019

Hemp is a plant with particular flowers Cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD, is a molecule secreted by the flowers of hemp. This dioecious plant has male plants with bell-shaped flowers and female plants where dense floral buds called heads are formed. Sometimes both types of flowers are found on the same plant, so it is a special case of monoecious hemp.  

What is a CBD flower?

CBD flower growers are more interested in female hemp flowers, as male plants are often banned from cultivation. By using feminized seeds, they avoid pollination of female flowers that would give seeds instead of heads.  

In fact,female flowers are the ones that taste better and produce the most resinous substance with CBD. Other molecules and terpenes, the plant’s aromatic signature, are also exist in this secretion, whose natural role is to keep harmful insects away. The floral head of hemp ,the female heads of unpollinated hemp called “sinsemilla”, from Spanish which means “seedless”.  

The flower of CBD, a distinction from an active ingredient Not all female hemp heads are CBD flowers. But,this designation only applies to the flowers of certain botanical varieties. Their particularity is to secrete a significant proportion of CBD as well as a minute quantity or even zero THC. CBD, a natural active ingredient CBD known for its relaxing effects.

How to consume CBD flowers?

Basically,there are several ways to consume CBD flower: combustion, vaporization or infusion.


It is possible to smoke CBD flower . But the combustion of a plant material causes smoke which, when inhaled, carries harmful substances into the airways. The health complications that can result are not negligible. Moreover, combustion causes a loss of the active ingredient and is not the optimal solution to feel its effects. When the flower smoked with tobacco, the effects of this active ingredient of hemp is nicotine cancel each other out. It should also be considered that nicotine is addictive. This is not the case with CBD, which does not offset this effect.


Spraying CBD flower is less harmful than smoking it. Specific devices, the vaporizers, designed and integrate into a system that allows this. This way of consuming hemp transmits CBD and the plant flavors of hemp much better than combustion. In short, steam is less dense than smoke but purer.


It is recommended to infuse the CBD flower by mixing it in hot water. CBD infusion is prepared like herbal tea, to this ready-made detail that you must add a fat substance such as soya or coconut milk. As CBD is not hydrophilic, a lipid contribution allows the diffusion of the molecule in water. Some add the fat to the water before bringing it to the boil and then infuse, others macerate the CBD flower in the fat (from 30 minutes to 1 hour) before putting it in the already hot water. It is also possible to add a little honey to the CBD, to add a sweet touch to the drink.

Conserve your CBD flowers

Air, light, and heat dry the flowers and affect the quality of CBD. So,this is why it is advisable to store CBD flowers in a cool place, in opaque airtight jars or the shade. Therefore,studies on CBD are multiplying, giving this molecule very interesting therapeutic properties.

 Doctors can, therefore, prescribe them against epilepsy multiple sclerosis. Last previous years, a great deal of work has enabled researchers to state that the results of CBD were very promising in fighting:

Pain, anxiety ,insomnia, psychosis neuronal degeneration, rheumatism, vomiting and diabetes, some liver problems, forms of cancer , also,addictive behaviors.

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