By LeeWEpstein

August 27, 2020


CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule extracted from hemp or marijuana. Some consumers are distrustful of the psychoactive nature of cannabis. CBD derivatives offer therapeutic properties. Indeed, two molecules are extracted from cannabis: CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Contrary to CBD, THC is a harmful and psychoactive molecule. The level of THC in cannabinoid derivatives must be less than 0.2%.

 CBD derivatives, THC-free, can be in the form of resin, capsules, oil, or gummies containing various doses of CBD. 

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the main molecules present in hemp and marijuana or cannabis. However, its content varies depending on the part of the plant used for extraction. Products derived from CBD are 100% natural and very beneficial to the body. Cannabidiol is known for its therapeutic and relaxing effects. It is a natural medicine that helps fight against episodes of permanent stress, anxiety, and anguish. It works as an anti-inflammatory, anti-vomiting, etc. Note that a single dose of CBD is more than enough to restore your euphoria. CBD has no psychoactive effect, unlike THC, which presents a high risk of addiction. CBD can, therefore, safely consumed in the form of oil, resin, or capsules. It is up to you to adopt the mode of consumption that suits you.

CBD oil and cannabis oil: what’s the difference?

The CBD derives from hemp and cannabis. However, the hemp contains a high dose of CBD, unlike cannabis that contains in addition to CBD a considerable quantity of THC. Thus, the oil produced from the hemp flower is well known for its high CBD content. It is a CBD oil without THC and is non-psychoactive. However, the cannabis oil, as for it, comes only from marijuana for reference to its high THC content. While CBD oil does not have psychotropic effects, this is not the case with cannabis oil. The THC contained in cannabis, also, it’s psychoactive, can alter the mental health of the user. That’s why, in some countries, the consumption of this oil is illegal.

What does the law say about the consumption of CBD derivatives?

CBD derivatives are without harmful effects for the consumer. They are legal products, given the various analgesic effects they offer. Their consumption, even in small doses, is more than enough to provide the consumer all the comfort he needs. Thus, there are no legal restrictions on their consumption. However, unlike the CBD, cannabis products are illegal or even illicit. Indeed, cannabis contains a high dose of THC, which is very toxic to the body. In the United States , the legislation in force authorizes a THC level of  0.3%  . 

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