By LeeWEpstein

March 3, 2020

With the many sources of cannabis information available today, it is fairly easy for many growers to learn more about cannabis cultivation.
Many people can easily distinguish an Indica plant from a Sativa plant these days, but what about cannabis ruderalis? This species is present in every auto-flowering variety we can find on the market today.
In this article, we explain the origins of the appearance of this species, as well as its specific properties. Cannabis ruderalis will soon have no more secrets for you.

A short history of cannabis Sativa ruderalis

Even for the world’s leading experts in the field. Confusion persists as to whether it is a full species of cannabis or a subspecies. What we do know is that in the botanical world. A ruderal species is a plant species that proliferate or grow, even in an environment with hostile conditions.

These conditions may be due to harsh climatic conditions . (extreme cold or heat, unsuitable hygrometry, too low or too high photoperiod, unfavorable soil properties, etc.). This finally includes all the elements or natural parameters necessary for the good biological development of any living being on our dear blue planet.

It is certainly the hostile but sufficiently viable natural factors that allowed the appearance of cannabis ruderalis in certain regions of Asia. Central or Eastern Europe. But it is more precisely in the still-wild regions of Russia. Especially in southern Siberia. This strain of cannabis in its wild state was officially and scientifically listed in 1924 by Janischewski .

The latter, with the help of his assistants, began to use the term “ruderalis”, in order to list all the “wild” hemp varieties, thus developing naturally and without any human intervention, and at the same time capable of adapting to the extreme climatic conditions of these regions.

A few years ago, some people thought that cannabis ruderalis descended from an Indica cultivar. Which had adapted to the relatively short photoperiod of the northern regions from which it originated. However, there is no solid theory to support these claims, although it seems plausible.

Characteristics of cannabis ruderalis

A cannabis plant ruderalis is normally smaller than a conventional cannabis plant, i.e. it ranges in size from about 30 to 120 cm. The stem is usually fairly wide, the vegetative structure fairly robust and compact. The leaf mass in most individuals shows a fairly light green coloring, rarely dark, and the leaves also have large leaflets.

What obviously marks the difference between a variety of cannabis ruderalis and any other genetics is that the flowering cycle initiated biologically. Also automatically when the plant reaches maturity after a period that varies between 20 and 30 days maximum.

This means that any variety of automatic or auto-flowering cannabis can flower independently of its assigned photoperiod. And thus without affected in any way by the variation in the duration of the photoperiod.

This is a characteristic exist exclusively in auto-flowering cannabis varieties that contain dominant ruderalis genes. It is a category of genetics that prefers a moderate, rather than excessive watering. Which also needs in coordination a good oxygenation in the air. But also and above all at the level of the substrate. But also an important contribution of light and this, in a rather short time and this is integrated in a series of technical parameters that are necessary to understand well to be able to obtain good results with this type of variety of cannabis.

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