By LeeWEpstein

December 26, 2019


New research has found no association between lung diseases associated with tobacco smoke and cannabis. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary emphysema, and lung cancer have nothing to do with cannabis use, unlike the effects of smoking.

Cannabis is not related to lung damage

Unlike tobacco, smoking cannabis regularly does not cause obstructive lung disease. Therefore ,Cannabis does not promote lung emphysema or lung cancer. In short, cannabis does not cause shortness of breath or irreversible damage to the airways …

These results are reported in a new study compiling a cohort of previous research. It examines the relationship between cannabis and lung health in thousands of patients. The conclusion of the report is also clear:

“The long-term effect of cannabis use on the lungs is different from that of tobacco.” – “Evidence suggests that smoking cannabis does not cause cancer.”

However, researchers at the National Institute for the Study of Cardiopulmonary Diseases in London have found a link between cannabis use and an increase in cough frequency, mucus production and the risk of chronic bronchitis. However, they also note that cannabis vaporization significantly reduces these symptoms …

The results of this report are similar to previous studies that have found that smoking cannabis is significantly different from the effects of tobacco on the lungs.

A flawed Study

The association between smoking and lung disease has long raised the question of burning cannabis plant material. However, the possibility of an association between cannabis use and lung cancer is due to its association with tobacco. A Swedish study of thousands of conscripts in the army reported increased cancer risks for cannabis smokers compared to non-smokers after the age of 40.

However, and importantly, the smoking history was underestimated at the time of conscription. But cannabis alone does not appear to be carcinogenic. And, various factors could contribute to the opposite effect. For example, its anti-inflammatory effect, the anti-neoplastic properties of THC, and other cannabinoids…

Medical use of Cannabis

Also, the medical use of cannabis by the oral or oral route dates back to 2737 B.C. in China. Whether in herbal teas or cannabis oil extracts, including products prepared in pharmacies, all cannabinoids are used. Especially, against chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, some forms of rare epilepsy and chemotherapy-induced syndromes. What is already known is that the plant is purely medicinal in the treatment of asthma. And recently it has been proven to be effective in obstructive sleep apnea…

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