By LeeWEpstein

August 25, 2020


An Australian professor wants to start therapeutic trials on one of the cannabis compounds. Cannabidiol would be as effective as drugs for treating schizophrenia, without the side effects.

In a recent study, we learned that cannabis for therapeutic use reduced the number of overdoses due to the overuse of pain medication, this time we learn that cannabis could be useful to treat and prevent schizophrenia.

The positive effects of cannabidiol

According to Prof. Patrick Mcgorry, Director of the Centre for Adolescent Health Research (in Australia), marijuana is showing promise in the treatment of psychotic disorders. CBD or cannabidiol appears to relieve psychosis, depression, and anxiety.

Prof. Mcgorry’s team hopes to be able to launch therapeutic trials to show that therapeutic cannabis can be just as effective as drugs for treating schizophrenia, without the side effects of these same drugs (in particular weight gain and metabolic problems).

Developing CBD-based treatment“Do not confuse the recreational use of marijuana with the recreational use of marijuana. There is no question of encouraging youth with psychotic disorders to smoke cannabis. But we want to work on the CBD and set up a treatment that contains this compound, especially for young people who are suffering from psychosis at an early stage,” insists the doctor.

For the moment, cannabis for therapeutic use is not allowed in Australia. Last July, a survey was launched among a representative sample of the population to question them “are you in favor of the legislation of cannabis for medicinal purposes? “. Nearly 66% responded positively, 14.4% said they would oppose this legislation, and more than 19% were undecided.

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