By Lucas De Vries

November 26, 2019
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Apart from the annoying side for those who sleep next to someone who snores, these noises hide a serious sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. A recent study has shown what some research has shown: cannabis can be very effective in solving this problem which, in addition to snoring, prevents you from getting adequate and effective rest, which can lead to severe fatigue, headaches, and depression.

Over time, certain problems that can affect our health appear in the body. However, for one reason or another, it is usually only after a small fright that sufficient attention and importance is paid to this problem. This is the case with sleep apnea and the annoying snoring that this sleep disorder brings with it. When we talk about sleep apnea, we are talking about a specific type of airway disorder, which narrows when we sleep. This means that the muscles relax, making it easier to breathe and causing a void in the posterior part of the throat.


This emptiness will eventually cause snoring, which is so embarrassing for those who sleep next door and for the person themselves because it is a sign that something is not going well. This is the case because sleep apnea can stop breathing for 60 to 120 seconds. We are not only talking about the discomfort caused by waking up repeatedly during the night, but rather what doctors say it causes, high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach pain, fatigue, headaches…

And to all this, you must add the fact that if you do not rest properly, you will increase your daily problems. For example, with your family and co-workers, whom you will not treat properly because of the bad mood associated with it. You can also put yourself in danger while driving if you lose your concentration while driving due to accumulated fatigue.

Most people with sleep apnea use breathing or dental devices to try to correct this. With the first, the most expensive, the nose is covered with a mask connected to a device that constantly propels air towards the back of the throat. With the second, the objective is to push the jaw forward in order to avoid relaxing the muscles responsible for obtaining adequate breathing. You can also have surgery.

Cannabis, a cure

A recent study has shown the results of some studies on the subject: cannabis can be the solution to this sleep disorder without the need for masks or braces, let alone surgery. The study, conducted in collaboration between scientists at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, concluded that dronabinol, a synthetic cannabinoid that mimics THC, would be the solution to these respiratory system problems during rest.


To test these hypotheses, they were able to rely on the collaboration of 73 patients suffering from sleep apnea. The first thing was to check the extent of the disorder in each of the patients, that is, by analyzing how much the throat muscles relax and how long it paralyzed breathing. Also, they were able to observe the level of fatigue of each of the participants.

Due to all these factors, they were able to separate patients into three groups. Continuously, for 6 weeks, the first was treated with placebo, the second with 2.5 mg of dronabinol, and the third with 10 mg. The results visible in the conclusions of this study leave no room for doubt: “Patients receiving dronabinol had a much lower sleep apnea index, with improved drowsiness and greater satisfaction both during sleep and during treatment”.

Of course, some will try to deny the evidence, but these researchers have left their first discoveries in black and white. “It seems that cannabis works,” they say, “although we need large-scale clinical trials to define the potential of cannabinoid treatment for apnea.

A few years ago, another study, in which cannabis was administered to mice with sleep apnea, supported the fact that THC was used to achieve normal breathing during sleep. The researchers were able to observe that cannabis could limit the effect of serotonin in the cells, which is key to ensuring that the sensation during breathing is correct and, among other things, to eliminating snoring.

What researchers who have worked in this field notice is that in no case could cannabis be smoked: the clean combustion and the harmful effects of this mode of consumption caused the opposite effect, because it increased the risk of suffering from sleep disorders. For this reason, adapted cannabinoids should be administered orally. Let us hope that as soon as possible, all those suffering from sleep apnea will have a cannabis-based solution that will allow them to get back to sleep in an adequate way, forget snoring and avoid serious health problems.

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