By LeeWEpstein

March 20, 2020


Cannabis, oil or lemon are some of the ingredients you will need to make a good homemade medicinal recipe. These cannabis recipes will help you to relieve certain health problems, such as glaucoma, chronic pain, insomnia, anorexia, sclerosis, or if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

In this post, we will give you some very easy recipes.

The measures vary according to each person, and since the effects of cannabis are not the same for everyone, it is recommended to start with small quantities, even if it means increasing the dose gradually until the desired result is achieved. Cannabis, when ingested, takes more than an hour to be assimilated by the body. This is why it is necessary to avoid using too much cannabis.

Now, let’s go to the recipe!

Olive oil with cannabis: by massage or orally (salads, toasts…)

Leave 20 g of cannabis to macerate in a dark place in a liter of good quality olives for about a month. After this period, filter the liquid. It will then be ready to be consumed. To go faster, it is possible to extract the oil in a water bath, respecting the same proportions, but for only 3 hours. Leave it to stand overnight and then filter it.

Sweet almond oil (for topical use only)

Follow the same process as for olive oil, adding lemon extracts and rosemary essence. Replace the cannabis with rosemary leaves, soaking them in the oil.

Alcohol with cannabis, rosemary, and lemon

Soak one liter of rosemary alcohol and 20 to 30 g of marijuana leaves in a glass container for 3 to 4 weeks in a cool, dark place. Remember to cover the container well. The effects are very quick, but it is advisable to mix it with olive or almond oil, as the alcohol dries out the skin and it should, therefore, be moisturized.

Cannabis and marijuana creams

Cannabis creams can be made with beeswax (in herbalist shops), olive or almond oil, aloe vera, etc… The doses we offer are as follows:

150 ml of cannabis oil
10 g pure beeswax
35 drops of rosemary essence
15 drops of lemon extract
Melt the wax in a water bath with the cannabis oil, then remove from the heat once it has melted. Then add the essences and mix well and pour quickly into individual bottles. Leave to cool and place in the refrigerator. Your creams are ready!

All these products can be made with cannabis leaves or buds, which offer the same properties as cannabis: relaxing, anti-inflammatory, sedative, to regain appetite ….

Note: Remember that there are different varieties of cannabis plants and their effects can vary considerably. Find out about the variety of plants you are considering to use.

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