By LeeWEpstein

May 4, 2020


Cannabis and caffeine are substances of choice for many people, which give interesting results when combined.
Much has been said about cannabis and caffeine, with different companies developing products that combine the two. Even before marijuana was adopted by the general public, cannabis  addicts were finding creative ways to mix the two by adding cannabis to oil or butter and mixing it into their coffee, perfecting recipes that produced a good high with a nice flavor.

More research is needed to understand how these two elements work together, but most anecdotal evidence indicates that the combination of these two elements produces a high unlike any other.

Here’s what we know about caffeine and marijuana and the effect they have on the body:

Both of these elements increase dopamine levels

A 2017 study showed that caffeine and marijuana both increased dopamine levels in subjects who used them. When these two substances are used together, this increase is increased, resulting in a powerful euphoria and a different experience than when these substances are used separately.

They can increase your heart rate

Caffeine and cannabis both can raise the heart rate. It is therefore important to be careful if you mix them, particularly if you have a high pulse rate or if you are unable to sleep when drinking over 2 cups of coffee daily. When you mix caffeine and weed, select brands and strains containing little caffeine or THC to minimize discomfort.

Caffeine may prolong your high

A study conducted on monkeys showed interesting results for caffeine and cannabis. A group of monkeys was given 1 mg of caffeine. The other group took nothing. Both groups  received unlimited amounts of cannabis. The study showed that the monkeys that had ingested one milligram of caffeine were less likely to ingest more weed. The researchers hypothesized that the small amount of caffeine stimulated the monkeys’ euphoric state, prolonging their lives and reducing the amount of marijuana they needed.

You may be feeling tired

Cannabis is a depressant, while caffeine is a stimulant. Despite this, live science reports that the effects of cannabis and caffeine do not cancel each other out. Unlike the role that coffee plays when consumed by an intoxicated person (to sober them up), drinking coffee while intoxicated only makes the intoxication worse.

Be careful

As with everything else about cannabis, it’s important to find a dose of caffeine and THC that’s right for you. If you want to try the combination of coffee and marijuana, prepare your cup and swallow it in the morning, preferably on a day when you don’t have an appointment or deadline. Start slowly and keep a close eye on your health throughout the day.

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