By LeeWEpstein

July 16, 2018

Knowing the many advantages of CBD can have on the body is a motivating factor in finding a dosage that will help you get the results you are looking for. The CDB dosage estimation calculator is based on hours of independent surveys, published research and reports, user experience, studies, blogs, and forums.

The CBD dosage is difficult to estimate with precision, as it varies greatly from one person to another, depending on their weight, metabolism, and needs. However, a general rule of thumb is to start with 0.5 mg of CBD per kg body weight per day, divided into three doses (morning, noon and evening), which gives, for example:

For a person of 50 Kg = 25 mg of CBD per day (3 X 8 mg of CBD)

For a person of 80 Kg = 40 mg of CBD per day (3 X 13 mg of CBD) This initial dosage can then be gradually increased until the effective dose is found.

Dropper dosing To convert the mg of CBD into drops, it is sufficient to know the CBD concentration of the oil used, and to consider that one ml of oil contains about 20 drops, which gives :

Oil with 5% CBD: 1 drop = 2.5 mg

CBD Oil with 10% CBD: 1 drop = 5 mg

CBD Oil with 15% CBD: 1 drop = 7.5 mg

CBD Oil with 20% CBD: 1 drop = 10 mg

CBD Oil with 30% CBD: 1 drop = 15 mg .

 CBD Capsules, are to be consumed on an empty stomach. Start slowly and increase later It is better to start small and gradually increase the doses.

For example, take 3 doses at 10% per day for 1-2 weeks, then, if necessary, increase the first week take 1 dose at 20% then 2 to 10%, the second week go to 2 doses 20% and 1 to 10% to reach 3 doses 20% the third week.

If you feel the need to increase the doses, it is recommended to do so gradually in one-week cycles.

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